Here's how Liam Payne reacted to Harry Styles' One Direction tribute on Saturday Night Live

Liam Payne took to his Twitter account to share his reaction of Harry Styles' tribute to One Direction during his Saturday Night Live monologue. Check out below what the Stack It Up singer had to say on the same. 
Liam Payne was pleased with Harry Styles' tribute to One Direction on Saturday Night Live.
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Harry Styles was trending worldwide for hosting and being the musical guest on this week's Saturday Night Live. The singer-actor did a terrific job taking over double duty as he not only performed Lights Out and new track, Watermelon Sugar, he also showed off his comedic timing in some laugh out loud sketches. Meanwhile, it was Harry's opening monologue that really grabbed major attention. Not only did Harry pay tribute to his One Direction bandmates, but he also took a major dig at ex-1D member Zayn Malik.

"I love those guys. Niall, Liam, Louis...," Styles stated while pretending to struggle and then belting out, "Uh.. Ringo! Yeah, that's it." Liam Payne took to his Twitter account to reveal his reaction to the 1D tribute by his bandmate on SNL. "This actually made me laugh out loud," Liam tweeted with an animated version of himself laughing. However, when one Harry Styles fan tweeted back to the 26-year-old singer, "Was @LiamPayne being sarcastic? Did he find it funny or was he laughing at the fact he hasn’t met Harry in ages and said that?," Liam clarified, "No it was funny nice to see him happy and comfortable doing something he hasn’t done before."

Check out the tweets below:

We adore this bromance and how!

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Meanwhile, both Liam and Harry will be releasing their solo albums in December and will also be performing at the same time at a music festival. So we can hope for a mini-reunion, as Directioners crave for it. While Payne's LP1 will come out on December 6, Styles' Fine Line will be out on December 13.


Exactly Harry's album is fine line not walls

Harry style is releasing an album called fine line walls is being released by Louis

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