Hilary Duff, Ashley Benson and Sarah Hyland talk about sex misconceptions, their first period and more; Watch

Hilary Duff, Ashley Benson and Sarah Hyland recently appeared on Hyland’s Lady Parts show and spoke about puberty in detail, scroll down to see what the ladies talked about.
Hilary Duff, Ashley Benson and Sarah Hyland talk about puberty Hilary Duff, Ashley Benson and Sarah Hyland talk about sex misconceptions, their first period and more; Watch
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Hilary Duff and Ashley Benson recently made an appearance on Sarah Hyland‘s new show Lady Parts. During the episode, the ladies chatted about everything from getting their first periods to sex misconceptions. Hilary started the chat off by revealing her biggest misconceptions she had about sex when she was younger. “Well, I thought the first time you have sex you’re going to get pregnant,” Hilary shared. Hilary, who is currently pregnant with baby No. 3, went on to say, “One thing that’s a bummer that people don’t really talk about when you’re younger is that sex is for pleasure, too—not just about being in love."

“Like, you’re having a lot of different feelings in your body and a lot of people are, like, ready at different times,” Hilary shared. “I guess I never got taught that it was about, like, feeling good and connecting with someone. And you know, I think as a young girl you get taught, ‘Well, you want the guy to feel good’ or something, and that’s really a terrible mentality to go into, like, starting to have sex with.”


Watch their full chat below:


Sarah agreed, adding, “That’s probably the biggest misconception that we all had as young women. Because I do remember, ‘It’s pretty much all about the guy. I’m not going to get anything out of it. But this is much shorter than I thought it was going to be—the time.’ Every time. I was like, ‘They look like they’re doing it for hours on the television. I don’t understand.’”


Later on in the conversation, Sarah, Hilary, and fellow guest Ashley Benson opened up about their first periods. Hilary said: “My sister [Haylie] was in L.A. shooting a movie and I was home alone. A couple of the neighbourhood friends came over for a swim and I went inside and I went to the bathroom and there was blood in my bathing suit.” “It wasn’t a ton, so it wasn’t this massive disaster, but I remember seeing it and being like, ‘Oh, my God.’” “Thank God I had an older sister and I knew exactly what had happened to me,” Hilary added. “But I remember stomping outside with all my 12-year-old attitude and being like, ‘Leave, leave, you all have to leave.’”


Ashley then talked about getting her first period at 14-years-old, saying she was “so embarrassed” when it happened. “I went to an arts school. I was in my dance period — literally period. I just all of a sudden felt like I had, I don’t know, peed myself or something. I ran into the bathroom and I looked and there was just blood everywhere,” Ashley recalled. “I didn’t know what to do. I was just stuffing toilet paper in my underwear, basically. And cried.”


Sarah had a similar first time like Ashley‘s. “My first period I got in the middle of ballet class And of course, the level of ballet that I was in at that time wore those periwinkle blue leotards, so you could tell,” Sarah shared. “So I ran out into the bathroom and I just screamed my mom’s name from down the hallway, she just came running and she did the makeshift toilet paper pad in my underwear.”


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