House of the Dragon Ep 3 Review: Targaryens showcase their might with 'Fire and Blood' all through

The third episode of House of the Dragon promises an epic battle sequence with Matt Smith's Daemon Targaryen and so much more. Read Pinkvilla's review below.

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House of the Dragon
House of the Dragon Ep 3 premieres on September 5.

House of the Dragon 

House of the Dragon Ep 3 Cast: Paddy Considine, Milly Alcock, Matt Smith

House of the Dragon Ep 3 Director: Greg Yaitanes 

Streaming Platform: Disney+ Hotstar

House of the Dragon seems to be settling in well and as we go into the third episode of the show, with another time jump of three years, there is a lot to unpack. After the second episode focused more on the lead characters and their supposed motives, the new one is a steady reminder that we are in the world of Game of Thrones and it's not just the title theme that finds its similarities here. If there's one thing that the makers have established well so far, it's that of making us feel the connection between the original series and its prequel in more subtle ways than obvious. My favourite takeaway from the third episode that honestly has a lot of stuff happening is the most simplistic delivery from Paddy Considine's King Viscerys I about Jason Lannister (Jefferson Hall) as he says "That man's pride has pride." What better way to describe a Lannister is there?

Talking about the episode in general, it takes us through multiple monumental elements that will shape what lies ahead in the first season. A key one to note is certainly the hold that Queen Alicent Hightower (Emily Carey) has over King Viscerys I (Considine). After the big revelation that the King would take a new wife in the second episode and that it would be Lady Alicent, the third episode takes a leap of nearly three years with Alicent now being a mother to the King's son Aegon Targaryen and pregnant with another on the way. Alicent seems to have picked up the notes from Queen Aemma Arryn when it comes to being of service to the crown as the late Queen tells Rhaenyra in the first episode, "The Childbed is our battlefield, We must learn to face it with a stiff lip."

The third episode of House of the Dragon takes off impressively with a shot of Prince Daemon's (Matt Smith) dragon Caraxes breathing fire onto hordes of men who are fighting off with the Crabfeeder's men at the Stepstones. The opening shot showcases a soldier rejoicing the arrival of Prince Daemon and his dragon to be his saviour but the next moment we see him getting brutally crushed under Caraxes' giant foot, a reminder of how Daemon is not sound when it comes to planning a strategic attack but the idea of showing off the power he holds sitting atop the dragon is much more rooted in him. Of course, by the end of the hour-long episode, you will have a different view on things as the character arc for Dameon set itself up for a massive change. 


Not very opposite to the situation at the Stepstones with Caraxes breathing out fire, there's Princess Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) breathing out fiery words out of her mouth in Kingswood as she forcefully joins the King and Queen (Hightower) for a hunt organised in celebration of her step-sibling, Aegon's second birthday. The arrival of the King's son has put pressure on Rhaenyra about her position in the Targaryen household and her promised claim to the throne. In the midst of it all, the Princess is also being forced to consider marriage with Jason Lannister as one of the suggested suitors. Rhaenyra unlike Alicent though isn't calculative of sealing her position. In my opinion, she's got the heart of an Arya Stark who prefers to defy all that's expected of her and is in the constant struggle to prove how she is more than what one may consider her to be. One of Rhaenyra's shining moments in the new episode comes with her boar-hunting adventure. Covered in blood as the Princess returns to Kingswood, she's making a strong point. 

On the other side of Rhaenyra, another Targaryen drowning in blood and battle scars is Prince Daemon (Smith). Amid an ongoing battle with the Crabfeeder and his men that has been raging on for nearly three years, Daemon ends up brutally beating up a messenger who delivers a message from King Viscerys about sending reinforcements to help win the battle. Offended by the offer suggesting that he was incapable to end the conflict in the Stepstones, Daemon (Smith) takes it upon himself to put an end to the Crabfeeder and his men in an epic battle scene that scatters over the second half of the episode. The episode shows us how each Targaryen, Viscerys, Rhaenyra and Daemon have been battling it out in their own ways to find the worth of their own blood. 

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The third episode packs a lot of punch with its action scenes that come towards the second half but the opening shot with the dragon seems a tad underwhelming thanks to the special effects not exceeding our expectations. The performances keep getting better with each episode and in the third one, I particularly remain impressed with Paddy Considine who conveys brilliantly the restlessness of King Viscerys' mind. Matt Smith also pulls off the action sequences well and his final shot in the episode is absolutely phenomenal. Emily Carey also does a fine job at keeping Alicent's inner workings a mystery to us. 


House of the Dragon seems to be heading in the right direction so far and one of the elements that I find most impressive till now is how well the show has been handling the time jumps with every episode without making us feel like we are losing the context of the situations developing and what may have occurred before. 

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