House on Wheels PD reveals how Hotel del Luna's IU & Yeo Jin Goo took care of each other on the variety show

Updated on Jul 29, 2020 07:22 PM IST  |  5.7M
IU was Yeo Jin-goo's invited guest on the July 23 episode of House on Wheels.

Hotel del Luna fans were extremely elated to see IU feature as a special guest on Yeo Jin-goo's variety show House on Wheels which also features Sung Dong-il and Kim Hee-won. While the Eight singer left her co-star flustered with her charming presence during the July 23 episode, the duo also went on a paragliding adventure together. In a recent interview with Maeil Business Newspaper's Star Today, House of Wheels PD Kang Koong shared some exciting details about IU and Jin-goo's reunion.

While we know that it was Jin-goo who personally contacted his co-star, Kang also revealed that IU shared in a pre-interview as to how the 22-year-old actor isn't the type of person who easily asks people for favours and hence when he asked her to hang out at the House on Wheels house, the 27-year-old actress happily agreed. IU is very grateful to Jin-goo and had a lot to repay him for after they acted together in Hotel del Luna and the former could spend an hour just praising the latter. She's thankful that Jin-goo asked her for the favour which made Koong realise that Jin-goo is a great person.

Kang also gushed about how happy the pair must have been to see each other but because there were other adults around them, they couldn't express that happiness in words but rather said it in looks. When IU first arrived at the House on Wheels house, Jin-goo was busily running around because his guest had come while the older guys were taking care of them because Jin-goo's close friend was there. IU adorably watched how Jin-goo was taking care of her.

"It was great to see how they each took care of each other. It was clear that they have a great relationship where they truly like each other and are grateful for each other. It was our task to convey that through the show without saying it in words, and we worked hard to present them in a beautiful way," Koong disclosed to Star Today.

Moreover, IU had come with two suitcases in hand which included gifts like her mother's homegrown vegetables and homemade side dishes as well as coffee that her father had roasted. "Her parents’ gifts reminded me of why IU is the way she is," Kang gushed while sharing how grateful and touched he'd been by IU's parents' presents.

We adore the cute friendship of IU and Yeo Jin-goo!

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In the upcoming episode of House on Wheels, Jin-goo will be reuniting with another Hotel del Luna co-star Block B's P.O.


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