How long were Ariana Madix and her ex Tom Sandoval together? Exploring their Vanderpump Rules relationship timeline

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval's nine-year Vanderpump Rules romance faced infidelity rumors, a public breakup, and post-split tensions, highlighted by Sandoval allegedly calling Madix 'stank face' at Bravocon 2023.

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Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval rose to fame on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules. Ariana, celebrated for her independence and creativity, engaged audiences with her dynamic personality. Tom, an ambitious entrepreneur and musician, contributed to the show's allure. Their on-screen romance faced challenges, mirroring real-life complexities. Despite their public breakup, both have pursued individual paths, with Ariana delving into creative projects and Tom continuing his multifaceted career. Their journey, documented on reality TV, remains a chapter in their personal and professional evolution, showcasing the intricacies of love in the spotlight and life beyond the confines of the small screen.

How long were Ariana Madix and her ex-Tom Sandoval together?

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval's relationship, born on the set of Vanderpump Rules in 2013, was initially overshadowed by rumors of infidelity. Sandoval, an original cast member, and Madix, introduced in season 2, began as co-workers at Lisa Vanderpump's SUR restaurant. Despite Kristen Doute's early accusations of Sandoval cheating Madix, both denied any wrongdoing. The couple weathered the reality TV storm, sharing moments of joy like buying their first home and co-writing a cocktail book titled "Fancy AF Cocktails" in 2019. Madix also revealed her decision to freeze her eggs during season 9, emphasizing her autonomy over her body and future plans. However, their nine-year relationship faced a devastating blow when Madix discovered Sandoval's alleged affair with co-star Raquel Leviss. The betrayal, unfolding over six months, led to Madix feeling blindsided and ultimately ending their relationship. Sandoval confirmed the affair on Instagram


expressing remorse and asking for privacy.

Despite the breakup, they maintained professionalism during the filming of Vanderpump Rules season 11, smiling in group scenes. Madix, now solo, is set to release her own cocktail book, Single AF Cocktails, in December. The book promises to narrate the highs and lows of their relationship, with each cocktail symbolizing a different chapter of their journey. Madix's Instagram announcement hinted at a breakup album that details the story of their love and the betrayal that marked its end, offering her perspective on the tumultuous timeline of their relationship.

Why did Tom Sandoval call Ariana Madix ‘stank face’?

After strutting down the Bravocon 2023 red carpet, Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix dropped a bombshell, revealing that Tom Sandoval allegedly uttered less-than-friendly words about her during a press line appearance. Speaking to E! News' chief correspondent Keltie Knight on November 4, Ariana recounted the incident, stating, "He came on this press line and called me 'stank face' right after, so I don't think he was planning to [give me an apology]."

Katie Maloney swiftly came to Ariana's defense at the Las Vegas event, asserting, "That man wouldn't know an apology if it slapped him across the face. He just isn't capable."

During the Vanderpump Rules panel on November 3, Ariana admitted that, despite the end of their nine-year romance following Sandoval's alleged cheating with Rachel "Raquel" Leviss, she hadn't received a genuine apology from him. Tom, on the other hand, expressed that he would have handled the situation differently but acknowledged, "I can't change what happened. I'd rather stand here and face it. I don't know what you do."

Two months ago, Tom Sandoval shared similar sentiments about his life post-"Scandoval," referencing the challenges he faced during the filming of season 11 of the Bravo series. In a September interview with E! News, Sandoval expressed the difficult emotions he experienced when entering a room and sensing an apparent lack of approval from others. He said, “You walk in and you feel like nobody in the room likes you. And it's a s--t feeling. But, I'm glad we got through it and I feel like there was a lot of things that needed to be said and that needed to be addressed. And we got it out there."


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