Hugh Jackman jokes he is worried about Blake Lively; Says Quarantine with Ryan Reynolds 'Must Be Brutal'

Hugh Jackman takes a dig at Ryan Reynolds and says that Quarantining with the Deadpool star must be brutal for Blake Lively. Read on to know more.
Hugh Jackman jokes he is worried about Blake Lively; Says Quarantine with Ryan Reynolds 'Must Be Brutal'
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Just days after Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds decided to put their feud on hold in support of Coronavirus relief efforts, Hugh took a dig at the Deadpool actor. In a video shared by Ryan on Instagram earlier this month, the two actors announced to support the All In Challenge, an initiative focused on providing food and supplies to people in need amid the ongoing pandemic. However, in his recent appearance Today show, the actor clarified that just because their feud is under a temporary ceasefire, does not mean it is over.

“It is not over. But look, we’re in extraordinary times,” he said. He revealed that it was his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, and Ryan’s wife Blake Lively, who helped them put their differences aside. “Deb actually said to me, really, this is a time to rethink all that and maybe it’s time to build a bridge. I wasn’t ready for that, but then Blake reached out. Blake and Deb have been brokering this thing and we came up with participating in the All In Challenge.” The 51-year-old actor further mentioned that he and Deborra are worried about Blake.

“So we’re gonna do a lemonade stand together. Whoever wins we’re gonna go and do a lem— I mean, that’s how much I really wanna support the frontline workers and make sure people have food and all of that sort of thing,” he added. He joked about how difficult it must be for Blake to deal with Ryan every day amid the Coronavirus lockdown. “We’ve been reaching out to Blake, we talk to her, ‘cause can you imagine quarantine, stuck in the house with Ryan? It must be brutal for her. So we’re really reaching out,” he said.

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