Hugh Jackman marks 20 years of X Men with an old video of Wolverine: Happy Anniversary X Men universe

Hugh Jackman celebrates 20 years since X-Men released with a funny video of Wolverine and the poster of the X-Men movie. The actor also shared an interesting anecdote from the movie.
Hugh Jackman marks 10 years of X Men with an old video of Wolverine: Happy Anniversary X Men universe
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It has been 20 glorious years since the X-Men universe kicked off. On July 14, 2020, Marvel fans were introduced to Logan and Rogue into the conflict between Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Rogue and so many other mutants, establishing the universe that led to numerous other X-Men movie. It was the 2000 release that watched Hugh Jackman don the claws, which he sported up until Logan. Today, on the 20th anniversary of X-Men's release, the Aussie star took to Instagram and shared a couple of photos and videos to mark the special day. 

Jackman shared a video from the training studio with the on-screen Wolverine fighting a Wolverine figure. The actor he revealed, "So here’s the thing. When the studio asked if I could be in shape to play #wolverine in 3 weeks ... I might over promised. But wouldn’t you have too?" He added, "Happy Anniversary X-Men universe. #xmen". 

Apart from the video, Jackman also shared the posters of X-Men along with the release date. He also shared a clip from the movie on his Instagram Stories. Check out the post below: 

Following his debut as the Wolverine in X-Men, Jackman reprised the mutant role in six movies (excluding the establishing movie) and had a cameo in three movies, including Deadpool 2. The actor has officially retired from his role as the Wolverine and has been seen in other projects since Logan. 

However, the actor did recently open up about filming the last shot as Logan. Check out what he said in the link below. 

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