I Bet You Think About Me: Taylor Swift crashes Miles Teller's wedding in Blake Lively's directorial debut

Updated on Nov 16, 2021 05:45 PM IST  |  190K
I Bet You Think About Me
I Bet You Think About Me official music video released.

She can sing, she can play the guitar, she can 'make the bad guys good for a weekend,' and she can successfully crash a glamorous wedding! Yes, we are talking about our all-time favourite Taylor Swift who has recently released the official music video for her track, I Bet You Think About Me.

While Swift's music video has too many surprises in store, we cannot help but laud Blake Lively for creating such a whimsical yet peaceful vibe with her directorial debut! The video begins with Miles Teller preparing for his wedding speech, however, all he sees is the reflection of Swift, while he describes his new bride. "You have the sweetest eyes, the softest smile," he says.

The next thing we know, Swift's honey-like vocals sweep us off our feet and we are now reminiscing memories from our unrequited love! However, little did we know that the best part was yet to come. The Willow singer digs onto a finely decorated wedding cake and destroys it in one go, while the lyrics in the background might help one shed a tear or two.

Taylor also presents the bride (who has been played by Teller's real-life wife, Keleigh Sperry) with a red woollen scarf, and the crossover between I Bet You Think About Me and All Too Well seems to be purposeful, which ought to make fans wonder if the two songs are interconnected and whether the two of them are indeed about, you know who!

In the end, Swift and Teller dance, with Taylor finally in a beautiful wedding gown. However, like most of Swift's songs, I Bet You Think About Me will pull at your heartstrings, and Taylor's vocals, along with Lively's emotional scenes have made the music video worth the wait.

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