'I can't really explain it': When Zendaya and Tom Holland opened up about the moments they want erased from the internet

Laughing at their own foibles wereZendaya and Tom Holland as they express theirinternet cleanup wishes

Published on Oct 03, 2023  |  06:53 PM IST |  254.7K
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Zendaya and Tom Holland opened up about the moment
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  • Zendaya and Tom Holland's hilarious online wishes
  • Tom Holland and Zendaya's online blunders

Tom Holland and Zendaya, the dynamic duo from Spider-Man: No Way Home, sat down with On Demand Entertainment for a candid interview where they delved into the topic of things they wish they could make disappear from the vast expanse of the internet. During the promotional tour for the blockbuster film, which had fans buzzing with excitement, the pair found a moment to share some lighthearted and amusing anecdotes about their online presence and memorable experiences.

Zendaya’s embarrassing storage on the internet


 Zendaya and Tom Holland opened up about the moment

The conversation then veered towards the film's plot, which involved a spell that made everyone forget certain events. In a playful twist, the host Melissa Nathoo asked Tom and Zendaya what they would choose to erase from their own lives or make everyone forget.

Zendaya, with her trademark wit and humor, confessed that she wished people could forget about some of her outfit choices from her teenage years and certain cringe-worthy videos she made in her youth. These moments occasionally resurface on Twitter, much to her chagrin. She also expressed a desire to erase the heavily filtered and "deep-fried" pictures that have circulated on the internet.

Tom's hilarious confession on braces

Tom, on the other hand, shared a charmingly embarrassing memory from his past. He admitted that he had braces as a child and once tried to use his newfound fame to score a discount during an orthodontist interview. He recounted a video in which he excitedly talked about getting his braces, complete with a messy school uniform and unruly hair.


Zendaya's favorite moment from their candid conversation was when they spontaneously burst into song, performing a rendition of the Billy Elliot musical. The unexpected musical video has everyone in stitches, and Tom humorously thought it was his singing prowess that would make him a movie star.

This delightful exchange between Tom Holland and Zendaya reminds us that even celebrities have their fair share of embarrassing and cringe-worthy moments, just like the rest of us. Their willingness to laugh at themselves and share these endearing anecdotes only adds to their charm and relatability, making them even more beloved by their fans around the world.



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