'I Put Everything In It': Theo James Reflects On His Work In The Time Traveler’s Wife Series

Theo James recently reminisced about his challenging role in HBO's The Time Traveler's Wife. During the conversation, he shared his experiences filming scenes where he acted opposite himself.

Published on Jun 15, 2024  |  11:41 PM IST |  53.9K
Theo James (P.C.- YouTube/HBO)

Theo James recently reminisced about his demanding role as a time traveler in the short-lived HBO series The Time Traveler's Wife. In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, James discussed his experience embodying Henry DeTamble, alongside actors Bowen Yang and Anthony Mackie. Henry, who has a genetic condition in the sci-fi drama, had to portray various versions of himself, some of which even interacted with each other.

Theo James reflects on his time-traveling role

While taking part in a roundtable discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, he shared his experiences filming scenes where he acted opposite himself. 

“I played against myself … I put everything in it — some of my best work,” James shared with THR. He added that he didn’t watch the show before the premiere because, at the time, everyone was like, "‘F--- yeah! This is f---ing awesome!’" And when people make that reaction, anybody would feel good and James also felt pretty good about this. 

The TV adaptation by HBO, based on the 2003 novel of the same name, followed a 2009 film featuring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana.

The show got some really positive reviews but, it was axed after just one season in July 2022. Following the WarnerMedia and Discovery merger, The Time Traveler’s Wife and other shows were removed from HBO Max six months later.


Reflecting on the show's cancellation and its removal from the streaming platform, James recalled, “I thought, ‘Oh God. Oh God. I think I’ll have another drink.’ Then I had to show up to the thing, which had been f---ing destroyed.”

Fatherhood influenced Theo James' career choices

Theo James opened up about how fatherhood has impacted his approach to acting. In a conversation with fellow actor Anthony Mackie for The Hollywood Reporter, James revealed a shift in his career choices since becoming a dad.

James, who shares a two-year-old daughter and a son born in 2023 with his wife Ruth Kearney, acknowledged the early hustle actors often experience. He stated, "Especially when you're starting out, you're kind of selling a product – yourself." However, James admitted this perspective changed after becoming a father. "Kids helped that for me." After becoming a dad, in life some things do not matter most as it used to earlier. 


Before becoming a father, James confessed to taking on various roles simply for work.  He jokingly added, "But I don't want to take our kids out of school" just because a project seems exciting at the moment. Really, focus and priorities shift when someone experiences fatherhood. 

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