‘I wanted to…’: When Kristen Stewart revealed that she would’ve married Robert Pattinson ‘if he proposed’

While Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are no longer together, did you know once the Twilight actress had admitted that she would’ve married her co-star if he proposed?

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Key Highlight
  • Kristen Stewart once revealed how madly she was in love with Robert Pattinson while filming Twilight
  • Stewart spoke about why she was skeptical about going public with her affair with Pattinson

It's been more than a decade since Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson's break-up, but there's no denying that back in 2010, they were one of the most popular lovebirds of Tinseltown. The duo fell in love while filming Twilight and after dating each other for a couple of years, they broke up when Kristen was exposed for having an affair with Rupert Sanders in 2012. Though Kristen issued a public apology to Robert and they got back together briefly, they eventually parted ways for good in 2013. 

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Cut to the present, despite their bumpy past, the duo claims that they are still in touch with each other and they have no more hard feelings for each other. On that note, we bring to you an old piece of interview, wherein Kristen had admitted that she would've married her Twilight co-star if he proposed marriage to her! 

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart admitted that she would’ve married Robert Pattinson if he proposed

During her interview with Howard Stern in 2019, when Kristen was asked if there was a point she thought she'd marry Pattinson, she paused for a few seconds and said, "I don’t know, I wanted to…yeah, no, I think I’ve never been in—"

Stern, instantly rephrased his question and asked, "If he proposed, you would’ve gotten married?" to which Kristen replied, "I don’t know. I’m not a super duper traditionalist, but at the same time, like yeah."


She further added, "Every relationship I’ve ever been in, I thought that was it. I’ve never like casually—maybe one or two, okay, I’m not giving everyone that due. I’ve never really been the most casual person." 

The Spencer actress also admitted that she couldn't help but fall for Pattinson while working with him in Twilight. 

Kristen was skeptical about going public with her affair with Pattinson

Kristen also recalled how she was skeptical about going public with her affair with Pattinson because she thought it would look fake to people. 

"It’s so weird actually being honest about this it’s been so heavily consumed, and I have this fear that people would assume that maybe I’m like, it’s kind of attention-y ‘oh cool you are still pushing that narrative’ or whatever and it’s like no, I’ve actually never been able to say what happened because I was so self-conscious about seeming like an attention-seeker," she said.

Kristen Stewart

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