‘I Was Out Of Control': Edie Falco Recalls Being Emotional During Sopranos Finale Table Read In 2007

Edie Falco opened up about her emotional table read during the show’s finale in 2007 in a recent interview. She remembered tearing up in front of her castmates.

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  03:55 PM IST |  37.5K
Edie Falco (YouTube/The Sopranos 25th Anniversary Official Promo)
Edie Falco (PC: YouTube/The Sopranos 25th Anniversary Official Promo)

This year marks 25 years since the hit HBO drama, The Sopranos debuted and etched itself in TV history. Lead star Eddie Falco, who portrayed the matriarch Carmela Soprano, looks back upon the time with great fondness. After working on the show for nearly a decade, the actress was too emotional to let it go for good. 

Falco shared her experience of the emotional table read at the show's finale back in 2007 in a recent interview. She recalled getting teary-eyed in front of her fellow cast members and described the moment as truly unforgettable.

Edie Falco recounts crying on The Sopranos series finale

Edie Falco, 60, revealed she could not fight back her tears while reading the script for The Sopranos series finale, titled Made in America, in 2007. On the occasion of the 1999 crime drama celebrating its silver jubilee, the Emmy-winning actor sat down with CBS News to chat about one of the best TV shows of all time, The Sopranos. 

Falco shared that she got too emotional during the read-through of the final episode and reflected on how the HBO show had changed many lives in all sorts of ways. "I was out of control. I was embarrassed. I really couldn't stop crying, it was ridiculous,” the Nurse Jackie star said. 


She narrated a line from the series finale script that related to the moment and how she felt at that time. "It was, ‘This thing in this moment will never happen again to me, to anyone,’” Falco added. 

Speaking about her on-screen husband, late actor James Gandolfini, who played Tony Soprano, the titular mafia head, Falco raved about their dynamic saying it all fell into place “with great ease.” She explained that since they both hailed from Italian families, she and Gandolfini were able to develop an “alchemy” between them. 

Moreover, Falco never married, so her on-screen marriage with her co-star was the closest experience she had. "It was, you know, a 10-year marriage. And it was as close to a real one as I had known,” she quipped. 

Edie Falco won three Emmys for her role as Carmela Soprano. 

The Sopranos documentary premiered at the Tribeca Festival

The Sopranos cast enjoyed a reunion at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic crime drama this week. In memory of one of the greatest TV shows, Alex Gibney premiered his documentary, Wise Guy: David Chase And The Sopranos, and was joined by the cast and crew for a panel interview, per NME. 


Creator David Chase called the cast a family during the discussion and said, “And that’s the best thing we could’ve been.” Actor Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who played Meadow Soprano, also echoed Chase’s sentiment saying the show set and the people felt like “home” who accepted each other regardless. 

Whereas, Robert Iler raved about getting to reunite with his former cast members while his friends go for mere college reunions. 

The Sopranos' infamous ending continues to spark debates owing to its cut-to-black final scene that left viewers hanging on the fate of Tony Soprano. As per reports, even the cast was not prepared for the ending and they were left in shock after it aired. 

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