INSIDE DEETS: Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck indulge in leisurely walk around Capri filled with laughter, smiles

Updated on Jul 29, 2021 09:42 AM IST  |  216.6K
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck "did some window-shopping and stopped in to a few different stores."

Amid making their love Insta-official on JLo's 52nd birthday with a romantic getaway to St. Tropez, France; Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are now taking over Italy. During their romantic stop at the island of Capri, which is located just off the Amalfi Coast, an eyewitness gave all the Bennifer inside details to E! News from their laughter and smiles filled outing.

The onlooker revealed how Bennifer spent the day exploring the Italian island's streets while their PDA game was roaring high. "They held hands and laughed together as they walked through the narrow streets," the insider shared before adding how they made a pit stop to Ristorante Faraglioni. Seated across from each other, the two held hands across the table as Jennifer "rubbed Ben's arms as she smiled at him." Drinking some water and browsing through the menu, Lopez and Affleck ultimately "decided to skip the meal before eating. They left holding hands and were followed by security."

Talking about how the Cambia El Paso singer showed her affectionate side towards The Last Duel star, the eyewitness continued, "They did some window-shopping and stopped in to a few different stores, where they browsed jewellery and clothing. Ben stood back and let JLo look around, but she kept looking over at him and checking in to see if he was OK."

"They laughed and smiled at each other everywhere they went and seem very much in love. They enjoyed the day taking a leisurely walk around town before they headed back to their yacht," the onlooker concluded.

We adore this couple and how!

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Anonymous : Great actress however very artificial.
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Anonymous : i cant beleive she moves on soo easily !! here i took few years to get ver my first !!!she is too strong or doesnt love deeply thats all. nonethless she is pretty
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Anonymous : She is a big soon jumps partners
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