Inside Out 2 Makers Reveal They Consulted Teen Advisors To Shape Riley’s Character Apt For Her Generation

Inside Out 2 makers confessed that they met with a group of teen advisors to better understand their behavior and to shape Riley’s character in the film.

Published on Jun 17, 2024  |  01:45 AM IST |  50.2K
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The makers of Inside Out 2 revealed that they met with a group of teen advisers to better understand the behaviour of teenage kids and shape Riley’s character accordingly. The sequel to the 2015 movie was released in theaters last week and has been receiving much love from the audience. Director Kelsey Mann, in conversation with Entertainment Weekly, revealed that the crew members needed an exact idea of all the emotions a 13-year-old could feel. 

What did the director, Kelsey Mann, reveal about consulting teen advisors?

While discussing behind the scenes of Inside Out 2, the director, Kelsey Mann, stated that he had to go straight to the source to study the behavior of a teen. Riley’s character in the first film of the franchise was still in her baby years, and so the main emotions, including Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear, were already inserted into her mind. 

However, in the latest release, the lead character has grown to become a teenager and has hit puberty. To match the emotions that a 13-year-old would feel, the filmmaker stated that he consulted the adolescent focus groups. 

Furthermore, Mann added, "Essentially, we had a Zoom room full of 13-year-old female advisors to watch every screening of the film to give us feedback.” He went on to say, "Making a Pixar film is an endless conversation with a lot of very smart people that come from all backgrounds, including a room full of 13-year-old girls. We talked to professors and PhDs and all that, but it's an amalgam of people's experiences.”



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Kelsey Mann over working with girls in his crew

The director of Inside Out 2 revealed that he has been working with a lot of girls on the sets of the film. Hence, Mann revealed he has an idea about what would work and what wouldn’t. The director, according to the media outlet, revealed, "They've been incredibly helpful. They tell us what's right and what's wrong, what resonates with them and what doesn't. The only way you can do that is by going straight to the source."

Inside Out 2 is running in theaters.


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Who is the director of Inside Out 2?
Inside Out 2 is directed by Kelsey Mann

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