Interview With the Vampire Director Reflects On Backlash Over Casting Tom Cruise Instead of Daniel Day-Lewis: ‘Entire World Said…’

In his upcoming memoir, director Neil Jordan recalled his decision to cast Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt in Interview With the Vampire. He also reflected on the backlash of Cruise's casting.

Published on Jun 15, 2024  |  05:00 PM IST |  48.1K
Tom Cruise ( Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)
Tom Cruise ( Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Director Neil Jordan is creating headlines as he reflects on the backlash he received after casting Tom Cruise over Daniel Day-Lewis in his 1994 gothic horror film Interview With the Vampire. 

As per Variety, in an excerpt from his upcoming memoir, Jordan penned how many people at the time were not happy with his decision to cast the Top Gun movie actor as the titular vampire, Lestat de Lioncourt, alongside Brad Pitt. 

Jordan recalled how fans were not convinced of Cruise playing the character, noting that he initially offered the role to Lewis, who reportedly turned down the offer. Read on for further details.

Neil Jordan recalled backlash over casting Tom Cruise in Interview With the Vampire

Tom Cruise effectively played the titular vampire, Lestat de Lioncourt, in Neil Jordan's 1994 gothic horror movie Interview With the Vampire, based on the 1976 novel by Anne Rice. However, many might not know this, but the actor was not the initial choice to play this role.

According to Variety, The Telegraph recently published an excerpt from Jordan's upcoming memoir, where the director penned how he received backlash over casting Cruise as Lestat instead of Daniel Day-Lewis, whom he initially offered the role, but he eventually passed on the opportunity.

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As per the outlet, he mentioned that Brad Pitt, who played Louis de Pointe de Lac, agreed to play the character as he assumed that actor Lewis would play Lestat. The director offered the role to him, but he declined after reading the script because he reportedly didn't want to commit to the demanding role. 


He further noted that "Half of America, it seemed, had read Anne Rice’s books," and so many fans of her books felt strongly about who should play the role. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Jordan recalled the controversy and outrage over casting Cruise in the film. He said the 'entire world said he was miscast in the role of Lestat.'

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Neil Jordan revealed why he cast Tom Cruise over Daniel Day-Lewis in Interview With the Vampire

As per the outlet, Neil Jordan recalled his decision to cast Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt in Interview With the Vampire in the memoir. The director mentioned that after meeting with Cruise twice at his house in Brentwood, he realized that he and the character Lestat 'had a lot in common.'

Jordan recalled how he got to the point where he realized that the Knight and Day movie actor was the perfect choice to play the titular role.


He explained that Cruise, like the character (Lestat), lives a private life away from the public, noting, "He had to hide in the shadows, even in the Hollywood sunlight. He would be eternally young. He was a star. He could well be Lestat.”

However, even though Tom Cruise's casting as Lestat caused controversy, Cruise played his role so well, and for his remarkable performance, he received critical acclaim.

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