Iron Man aka Tony Stark will be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4 but there's a catch; Read on

Iron Man aka Tony Stark died in the events of Avengers: Endgame. Almost all the Avengers stood witness to his death and paid their respects in the funeral. However, MCU phase 4 will not forget Tony Stark just yet.
Iron Man aka Tony Stark will be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4 but there's a catch; Read onIron Man aka Tony Stark will be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4 but there's a catch; Read on
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In 2008, when Tony Stark proclaimed that he was Iron Man, there was no telling that Robert Downey Jr's on screen superhero was going to be one of the most crucial foundations laid by Marvel Studios. 11 years later, the character died in Avengers: Endgame. Tony Stark sacrificed himself, bringing an end to the era of Iron Man. Tony may have died but the reference of Iron Man is not going anywhere. We've already seen the numerous Iron Man mentions in Spider-Man: Far From Home. And now, Marvel head Kevin Feige has confirmed that Tony Stark's death will have consequences in other Marvel movies. 

The superhero crossed paths with several other superheroes, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange to name a few. Given their own bonds with Stark, every storyline is bound to impact from his death. Speaking to, Feige shed some light on it. “There are other things to avoid in [Spider-Man: Far From Home], now that you’ve seen it, that we didn’t want to give away in the press. But its position within the world, and dealing with his emotional journey post the death of Tony Stark, we held off until after Endgame, obviously…. Will Tony’s death be felt in future movies [though]? Oh, yes," he said. 

While we saw a heartbroken Peter Parker coming to terms with the loss of his mentor in Spider-Man: Far From Home, it would be interesting to see how other movies would tackle with Tony's death. There are chances his name would pop up in movies like Doctor Strange 2, Black Panther 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Have you come to terms with Iron Man aka Tony Stark's death? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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i love iron man

We want IronMan Back..
Team of Avengers its incomplete without him. And mostly Big majority of fans are of Tony. So you will get loss in business Also.

Iron Man is best Marvin Herro of alls

WE want come back tony and. To be frank disappointed .

MCU is trying to hard to push female leads. They are using the popularity iron man, captain america, thor, etc have built up and trying siphon it into female characters. Thats why they are killing off characters and bringing in matriachy. Their ticket sales will dip in the future

MCU shouldn't have end the Iron Man character.

They should've shown only the absence of the character, rather killing it.

As a viewer, I'm disappointed...

They killed iron man because Robert Downey junior wanted to leave the MCU, bit now it looks like he might return but maybe not as iron man

To Be Frank We All Wanted Tony To Come Back...But The Truth Is The Change Marvel Bring To Us Has To Be Carry And We Really Want To See Some Flashback Of Tony Stark In Umcoming Movies

If Tony stark not come back Marvel future movies will down.


Thou shall never be forgotten. - Thor to Tony

Ironman will live forever!

Ironman will live forever!

Tony Stark will live forever!

We will return for you Robert Downey Jr. But Goodbye for now

Tbh, I don't find Marvel alluring anymore, with all the original Avengers gone. Doesn't feel the same. It didn't feel like they were with us for that long and they've already come to an end. Far from home made me realize how prominent RDJ was for Marvel. With RDJ, CE and SJ gone, it is no longer the Marvel that once comforted me, that breathed life into me. I guess the Producers and Directors and everyone involved in making Avengers happen will never realize what kind of impact they had on the world. They literally saved lives. Stan Lee wanted to be a Doctor, little did he know his imagination not only saved lives, it gave us an insane amount of joy and hope. It feels like I lost a real person in my life. The actors have literally brought those characters to life, literally and they're all gone now. Not being harsh, but I don't find Marvel all that enigmatic anymore.

Doctor Strange Chahe Pune fir se Zinda kar sakte Bhavishya Jane battery car

As song as I am still breathing I will never get over the death of Tony Stark, no matter what. That’s the only character death that’s ever stuck with me and ever will stick with me.

Every one wants Tony back in iron man suit

Marvel will never be the same! RDJ was and will forever be my hero! Scarlett was a real Kick Ass! Renner and other OGs were born for this! Almost all OGs gone and I believe its Marvels biggest mistake! I get the new generation/expansion thing but still I won't be in as a hurry or first in line to see the new ones! I Love Holland as spidey!Best so far! However Capt Marvel B.L will drown if it rains! To stuck up! Might as well cast her part with Paris Hilton! She should've been the one to snap the gloved finger! SMH Sorry but not Sorry!

She wouldn't have died if she did,she's a living infinity stone

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