Is Alexander: The Making Of A God Worth Watching? Everything To Know About The Series

Is Alexander: The Making Of A God actually worth watching? Let's find out.

Published on Feb 01, 2024  |  12:59 PM IST |  156.6K
Alexander: The Making Of A God
Alexander: The Making Of A God

The Netflix series, Alexander: The Making Of A God navigates the complexities of Alexander the Great's rise, blending expert interviews and scripted reenactments across six compelling episodes. But does this hybrid approach effectively capture the essence of Alexander's epic story, or does it fall into the pitfalls seen in similar docuseries formats?

Balanced Narrative

The series strikes a balance between expert analysis and dramatized scenes, aiming to provide context to Alexander's journey. From his exile in Macedonia to becoming the young ruler of the nation and conquering the Persian Empire, each step is meticulously explored through interviews and reenactments.

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Humanizing Characters

The performances, particularly by Buck Braithwaite as Alexander, humanize the historical figures, avoiding the pitfalls of theatrical portrayals. The exploration of Alexander's relationships, such as the close bond with Hephaestion, is handled with nuance, shedding light on the complexities of same-sex relationships in ancient Greece.

Narrative Challenges

Despite the commendable efforts, the series grapples with challenges common to this hybrid format. The lack of connectivity between the scenes hinders the overall plot momentum, making it challenging to follow the extensive and sprawling narrative. Questions arise about whether a purely documentary or dramatic approach would have better served the story.


"Alexander: The Making Of A God" is a docuseries-scripted hybrid that manages to avoid some pitfalls but still faces some challenges due to the format. The show provides an intriguing exploration of Alexander the Great's life, but it may leave viewers questioning whether the hybrid approach does justice to the extensive historical narrative. Ultimately, whether to watch or skip the series may depend on one's appetite for the unique storytelling blend offered by this ambitious show.

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