Is Halle Berry's upcoming film a supernatural love story? Exploring the actress' comments on her new directorial at Red Sea Film Festival

Halle Berry has been hard at work directing her next movie, but from the looks of it she's rather keep the premise of the movie hush hush. See what she said about her upcoming project.

Published on Dec 07, 2023  |  06:23 AM IST |  91.4K
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Halle Berry at the Red Sea Film Festival (Getty Images)

Halle Berry didn't hold back in her recent appearance at Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Film Festival. From her rocky start with Angelina Jolie to her new mysterious project, the actress spilled the beans. Especially people were excited to hear about her new directorial, which she has kept under the wraps pretty well until now. However, when pushed for a few details the Academy Award winner caved in, and gave the audience some exciting juicy details. 

Halle Berry on her secret directorial

Halle Berry has been working on a special project idea for awhile, and though not much is not known about it as of yet, the 57-year-old let the audience have a sneak peek into the concept of the movie. She revealed that even though the genre is gonna be a mix of Supernatural, and time travel, but beyond all that it'll be a romance. The Catwoman actress said, "It’s a love story at its core, but it deals with the supernatural and time travel and the future. It’s taken me the last few years to figure this out."

The Hollywood veteran recently launched her own production company, HalleHolly, alongside Holly Jester, and from the looks of it, she's finally telling the stories she's wanted to tell for years now. Halle also revealed that she had identified another project while on her trip to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Berry explained, "Finally on the plane coming here I saw a story, I saw what’s in my heart, and realized what I wanted to share."


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Halle Berry at the Red Sea Festival (Getty Images)

Halle Berry's experience with her first directorial

While the X-Men actress has been on her directorial journey for awhile now, and while anyone following Berry's journey can tell that she's passionate about her new career behind the camera, her initial experience with directing wasn't all that good. She revealed, "I’ll say this honestly, that because I was a black woman, the treatment that I suffered [on that film], the things I had to go through, were unconscionable." The 57-year-old explained that she doubts she would've gone through the same experiences if she were a man, adding, "And I truly believe that if I had been a white man, or even a black man, the experience would have been much easier."

Meanwhile, the actress also talked about her upcoming movie with Angelina Jolie, called Maude vs Maude. Reportedly while the two did not get off to the best start possible, Halle thinks it's just going to serve them while shooting the movie. Nonetheless, the actress expressed happiness in getting to work with another woman and crafting a movie from their point of view.

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What is Halle Berry's net worth?
Halle Berry's worth USD 90 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

How many children does Halle Berry have?
Halle Berry has two children, namely, Nahla Ariela and Maceo-Robert.

Is Halle Berry in a relationship in 2023?
Halle Berry is in a relationship with Van Hunt.

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