Is There A Fourth The Dark Knight Movie? Everything We Know About Secret Batman Project

We all know about the three Batman movies created by none other than Christopher Nolan and all were successful and paved a new way for superhero film genre. But there's a secret Dark Knight movie.

Published on Jun 12, 2024  |  09:37 AM IST |  83.2K
Know about the three Batman movies
batman: Gotham Knight (P.C.- YouTube/DC)

Many people consider Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy to be the best live-action Caped Crusader adaption, pushing the character beyond the campier versions of earlier years. This ground-breaking series established a standard for subsequent DC movies by bringing a new depth, deeper themes, and realism to comic book movies. Still, not many fans know that Nolan's Batman series has another, lesser-known installment. The animated anthology film Batman: Gotham Knight is a Japanese-American production made up of six short stories. Released on July 8, 2008, just a fortnight before The Dark Knight's theatrical debut, this movie explores the storyline that connects the events of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, offering further insight into Christopher Nolan's complex Batman universe.

What is the secret fourth Dark Knight movie? 

You can experience the realm of the Dark Knight like never before in Batman: Gotham Knight. Even though it follows the same story as the live-action movies, it stands apart thanks to an alluring feature: animation.

Rather than having just one animation style, Gotham Knight offers six unique visuals. Different animation studios bring each short film to life, offering a range of creative approaches. The narrative voids between Christopher Nolan's first two films are filled up with an anthology structure, which lets audiences see Batman's evolution as a crime-fighter through fresh perspectives.

The movie wasn't released in theaters, but it did manage to gather a significant fan base. It made USD 8.5 million in the domestic market, and Rotten Tomatoes reviews stated that it is a must-watch for fans of the Dark Knight trilogy.

While Gotham Knight embraces the visual freedom of animation, the live-action films offer a more realistic and grounded representation of Batman. For fans of the Batman franchise, Gotham Knight is a hidden treasure because of its diverse range of animation techniques and the narrative connection it creates.


Will there ever be the fourth live-action Dark Knight movie?

In short, chances are very low. Nolan's Batman-focused trilogy ended with The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, but we never heard of any more progression in that series. 

Nolan most probably will not make any other superhero movie. Speaking to HugoDécrypte, Nolan was asked whether he would want to direct another superhero movie after his Batman trilogy, to which the director bluntly said, "No."

Christian Bale also said that he would return for a fourth Batman movie, but for that to happen the only condition is Nolan should be the man behind the camera. Anyone else, Bale won't take the role. 

Considering Bale's stance and Nolan's comment, it's very unlikely that this fourth installment will take place. 

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