IT: Chapter 2 Director REVEALS another shot version of main character's death scene & it's truly heartbreaking

*Spoilers Alert* One of the most heartbreaking sequences in IT: Chapter 2 was Eddie's death sequence and Richie's reaction to it. However, director Andy Muschietti had almost edited the sequence differently, which was more true to Stephen King's 1986 novel, IT. Read below to know the heartbreaking version we almost saw on-screen.
IT: Chapter 2 saw Reddie's (Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak) storyline arc become one of the biggest subplots.IT: Chapter 2 saw Reddie's (Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak) storyline arc become one of the biggest subplots.
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*SPOILERS ALERT* IT: Chapter 2 was filled with many moments that are going to be etched in the horror franchise fans' minds for the longest time! Whether it be the dinner scene that saw the reunion of the Losers Club, 27 years later, or even the losers getting their long-awaited sweet revenge by finally putting an end to Pennywise. However, if there was a subplot that was the most talked about, it was Reddie's (Richie Tozier and Eddie Kaspbrak) storyline. Very intricately, director Andy Muschietti and screenplay writer Gary Dauberman dealt with Richie's sexuality as well as Eddie's death.

The final cut saw Eddie die in the midst of the final battle against Pennywise with Richie in denial over his first and only love's death. However, Andy revealed to Collider that multiple versions were shot. One version saw Eddie die after the big fight with Pennywise while another saw Eddie saying his final lines, similar to Stephen King's 1986 novel, IT. "There was actually a version where, after killing Pennywise, they return and Eddie’s still like… And Eddie wants to say something, and he dies in the middle of his sentence. He says, “Richie, I…” And then goes. It was two different ways of solving the scene," Muschietti confessed.




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The filmmaker added that, for him, it seemed a little bit of an overkill to come back, after all the time spent on the battle, and find out that Eddie was still alive. Also, he had already survived twice before.

"I think it’s so devastating, it’s so emotional, that moment where I prefer to play with denial, where basically Richie comes back to a dead Eddie and he still thinks that there’s something that can be done to save him," Andy concluded.

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Meanwhile, IT: Chapter 2 is raking in the money as it collected $91 million, in the US, during its opening weekend.

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