It's A Love Story: Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid aka ZiGi were always headed in one direction

In this week's "It's A Love Story", we look at Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's journey from dating, breaking up and getting back together.
It's A Love Story: Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid aka ZiGi were always headed in one directionIt's A Love Story: Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid aka ZiGi were always headed in one direction
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They might have parted and reunited a couple of times. But Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid don't seem like they can have pillow talks with anyone else. Zayn and Gigi have always given relationship goals. Yes, the former One Direction singer and the supermodel have had their share of breakups and link-ups, but this time around, they seem to be in it for good. But how did it all start? How did Zayn and Gigi meet? Well, we're here to tell you all! 

November 2015: 

Zayn and Gigi's love story began back in November 2015. Three months after Zayn called off his engagement with Little Mix's Perrie Edwards, he and Gigi reportedly began dating. It has been a month since Gigi broke up with Joe Jonas. The two stars were spotted holding hands a few weeks after the news broke out. 

February 2016: 

After months of toying with our feelings, Zayn and Gigi FINALLY confirmed they were dating through their video, Pillow Talk. If that wasn't evidence enough, Zayn admitted he was dating the beautiful Hadid sister while chatting with Zach Sang & The Gang.

May 2016: 

Two important updates came frim the ZiGi camp. On one hand, ZG made their first red carpet appearance with MET Gala 2016, on the other reports of their breakup were making headlines. However, Gigi shut the rumours in June 2016. 

September 2016: 

Things were getting serious between the two as the former One Direction singer and the model spent Eid al-Adha with both of their moms. Woah! If that isn't a big step, we don't know what is! 

March 2018: 

While things seemed like a smooth sail between two, BAM! Zayn and Gigi announced they broke up. They shared statements on their individual accounts to confirm the split, breaking ZiGi shippers' hearts into pieces. 

April 2019: 

As fans were coming to terms with their split, TMZ reported the breakup was shortlived. They were spotted making out on the streets of NYC. 

June 2018: 

Fast forward to the summer of 2018 and Gigi had made it official on social media that the lovebirds are back in their love nest. “I’m really thankful that I met her…We’re adults. We don’t need to put a label on it, make it something for people’s expectations. I had a very negative outlook on things [while recording my first solo album]. That might have been adolescence or testosterone or whatever the f*ck was running through my body at the time. She’s helped me to look at things from a positive angle,” he told GQ magazine that month. 

August 2018: 

Things were back to being serious as Gigi and Zayn joined Zayn's family to celebrate Eid. Gigi had shared a photo of Zayn and his sister with the caption, "Home for Eid." Aww! 

December 2018: 

The holiday season was upon us and while we were busy shopping for gifts, Us Weekly noticed Zayn wasn't following Gigi on the social media platforms. To top it off, they had been extremely quiet about their relationship. To make things worst, Zayn had zero photos of his girlfriend on his Instagram account raising suspicion on their relationship. 

January 2019: 

The couple rang in the New Year apart. E! News reported they have been spending time apart for a few months then. "They are in different points in their lives right now and decided they needed the time to breath apart from each other. They are still in touch and both hope that things will work out, but their relationship is always up and down," the source said. A day later, a source confirmed with Us Weekly that the couple called it quits. However, Gigi was spotted leaving Zayn's apartment later that month sparking reunion rumours. 

March 2019: 

Zayn declared he loves Gigi on Twitter which went unanswered. But later that month, he confirmed he was back with Gigi by responding to a fan tweet. However, sources maintained that they had broken up. According to Us Weekly, the couple "still talk," but reconciliation was out of the picture for Zayn has "major issues and [Gigi] knows they aren’t compatible."

April 2019: 

Things went out of control when tabloids speculated Gigi's new beau. The model was spotted with Samuel Krost and it did not take too long for rumour mills to speculate a possible relationship. Gigi lashed out the media. "If you outlets are going to continue writing bs headlines every time I’m seen with a friend of the male gender then there’s gunna be a lot of unneeded confusion," clarifying her stand on the pictures with Samuel.

May 2019: 

Zayn began following Gigi back on Instagram, bringing a smile on fans' faces. 

August 2019: 

Gigi dropped jaws when she was spotted on dates with Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron. While the couple was hanging out more often, Zayn decided to sell his bachelor pad he bought to stay close to the gorgeous diva. 

December 2019: 

The rumours about Gigi and Tyler died, hinting that they were no longer together but rumours about Gigi and Zayn's reunion began making the headlines again. The reunion rumours ignited after Gigi posted a photo of her cooking. She tagged Zayn's mom to mention she was using one of her recipes. Sunday in the kitchen: about to marinate the chicken for one of my favorites!!! @mammamalik's Chicken Curry Pasta Salad. Hopefully she'll share the recipe with the world one day," she wrote on Instagram.

January 2020:

Zayn and Gigi blew up the internet when they rang in Zayn's birthday together. The couple was spotted walking hand-in-hand in NYC and ringing in the former 1D singer's birthday. 

February 2020: 

Gigi not only hinted that she and Zayn are back together, but she also announced he was her Valentine this year by sharing a picture of the singer. 



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