It's Okay to Not Be Okay Ep 1: Shirtless Kim Soo Hyun leaves Twitter thirsty, Seo Ye Ji impresses with her act

It's Okay to Not Be Okay premiered its first episode on Saturday, June 20. The K-drama stars Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji in the lead. Here's what the best moments of the episode were.
It's Okay to Not Be Okay Ep 1: Shirtless Kim Soo Hyun leaves Twitter thirsty, Seo Ye Ji impresses with her actIt's Okay to Not Be Okay Ep 1: Shirtless Kim Soo Hyun leaves Twitter thirsty, Seo Ye Ji impresses with her act

This weekend, K-drama fans sat down to watch Kim Soo-hyun return to the small screen following the end of his military training with It's Okay to Not Be Okay. The actor stars with Seo Ye-ji and Oh Jung-se in the series. While the tvN show's trailers had already caught fans' fancy, the first episode has left fans talking about the show on social media. As the synopsis had already revealed, the unusual love story follows the journey of Moon Kang Tae (Soo-hyun), a medical caretaker who is destined to cross paths with author Ko Moon-young's (Seo Ye-ji). 

The first episode established the theme of the series and put the leading characters' battles in the spotlight. While fans have already fallen in love with the series and the discussions surrounding mental health has reignited courtesy the show, there were a few scenes and elements of the first episode that became the talk of social media town. 

Before we detail down on the elements, a fair warning that there are spoilers ahead. 

Let's start with the beginning. It's Okay to Not Be Okay begins with an animation, telling a tale of a child with a shadow, metaphorically representing a depressive state of mind, who accidentally saves a boy. The boy trails behind her until she gives a glimpse of her inner demons, thus chasing him away. The simple animation has impressed viewers. Several online users took to Twitter to applaud the minimalist yet hard-hitting animation placed at the beginning of the show. 

Another aspect that people haven't stop talking about since the episode aired was Seo Ye-ji's incredible acting skills. The episode served as a beautiful platform for the actress to present varied shades of character. Playing the dark Ko Moon-young, she not only starts off as an intimidating writer who doesn't believe in happy fairytales but also exhibits elements of anger, surprise, awe, and joy. 

Through the first episode, there were three scenes that had me bowing down to Ye-ji. The first was the establishing scene of her character. After she scares the little girl with her ideology of the witch, the scenes unfold with Moon-young admiring a sharp knife kept on the table. The scene was proof enough that she was going to be the star of this series. 

Later in the episode, Ye-ji is involved with a mentally ill patient at the hospital. As she deals with the near-death experience, the events of her childhood flash in front of her eyes. The scene oozed of pain. But it did not take her long to switch emotions. The switch was subtle yet powerful that you empathize with the character. The final scene that had me applauding for her was when Moon-young meets Moon Kang Tae at the publishing office. 

As she invests herself in Moon Kang Tae's story about a girl whom he once liked, you could see her lowering her guards. She doesn't utter many words to let the audience know that she is growing close to Moon Kang Tae. But her body language is enough to work the magic. Turns out, I wasn't the only one who was gushing over Seo Ye-ji. Fans took to Twitter and share their favourite scenes featuring the talented actress from the first episode. 

We kept the best for the last! Kim Soo-hyun was a treat for the eyes! Given that It's Okay to Not Be Okay is the actor's first show since his military training, there is no denying that we were eager to see him act again. The makers made sure to pack in the adorable factor and added a cherry on the icing by adding a shirtless Kim Soo-hyun scene to make us go weak on our knees. 

Apart from these three, I also loved the sprinkle of wit through the episode. Right from messages to the singles out there to the placement of an ad of their own show and the hilarious vomit scene where they used all kinds of clips to convey the point. If we had to write a one-line review of It's Okay to Not Be Okay episode 1: The new K-drama is crisp, doesn't drift away from the focal point of mental health awareness while intertwining the love story and I am definitely going to be hooked to this one! What did you think of It's Okay to Not Be Okay? Let us know your pick of the best moments from the episode and your review of the first episode in the comments below. 

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Anonymous 2 months ago

I love this drama. I love him

Anonymous 2 months ago

It was superb

Anonymous 2 months ago

I was impressed! I’m a Kdrama lover and I am hooked for sure! I still have a hang-over with Crash Landing On You, I just loved that drama. But It’s Okay to not Be Okay is very good, so far. Awesome acting skills by Seo Yi Ji! I’ve seen her in Melting Me Softly and she’s a Natural!! Congratulations!!!!

Anonymous 2 months ago

Despite Ye-ji doing an amazing job with her character, I really don't think I can carry on watching this series if the writers insist on making it a love story between the two leads. Moon-Young is clearly troubled, toxic and it seems, quite evil from a young age. She needs help, sure, but not from Gang-tae and certainly not romance. Even though the series is called 'It's OK to not be OK' I dont enjoy the direction the series is taking, making their relationship (with her mental and sometimes physical abuse) seem like a fairy tale.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I agree. The recent storyline in "Good Casting" featured a really disturbing romanticization of abuse by a man towards a woman who basically neglected her child to be available to him long after the plot storyline required it. And in the end he NEVER apologizes to her but wins her heart anyway? Disgusting. Flipping the genders doesn't legitimize this out-dated trope. But I'll keep watching for now because I have hope that the romance will be between Gang-tae and Joo-ri.

Anonymous 2 months ago

The transitions are so damn good!

Anonymous 2 months ago

This is too good everything was perfect from the animation to the casting everything! I love Seo Yeji's acting and Kim Soohyun I always perfect!!

Anonymous 2 months ago

The best drama in 2020

Anonymous 2 months ago

It was multi-layered, multi- dimensional, creative, different, and so far, well thought out. What a great 1st episode--I'm hooked! Mad-Mex.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Jin gave us superb acting. I'm very positive that this will be the most watched k drama this year. I love you Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye jin.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Kim Soohyun is the love of everyone's life. Change my mind.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Very impressive start and yes, fresh - it's not like any other korean drama I've seen. The main actress is very, very good. It looks beautiful too - all the gorgeous animation and artwork.

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