Jack Kirby originally planned DC's New Gods for Marvel's Thor; DEETS INSIDE

Not many people know this but Jack Kirby originally planned to bring DC’s New Gods for Marvel’s Thor. Read the hidden truth about Jack Kirby’s big feud with Marvel.
Jack Kirby originally planned DC's New Gods for Marvel's Thor storylineJack Kirby originally planned DC's New Gods for Marvel's Thor storyline
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There are many rivalries out there but there’s something special about DC and Marvel. With so many controversial claims of stealing character ideas from both the camps, history has been a turbulent one. Both DC and Marvel have experienced their share of success in recent decades. But, not many people know that one of the most famous storylines of DC comics, New Gods was originally planned for Marvel’s Thor. Shocked?

Well, the man, the myth, Jack Kirby was writing the Tales of Asgard, when he thought about New Gods and wrote an outline for it. Jack Kirby initially thought of bringing New Gods after the destruction of Ragnarok in Thor’s tales. But, it was a relationship with Marvel that couldn’t lead this idea to fruition. One of the prime reason for this was the request of complete control on characters by Jack Kirby. Even, in the prologue of New Gods #1, we can see the influence of Thor and Asgard.

There are no clear references but even a little kid can see a Ragnarok-like event that dismantles the old gods. Also, in Tales of Asgard (Thor #128), we can see the incoming of New Gods storyline. So, just because Kirby wanted some kind of control over characters, marvel parted ways with the legendary comic book artist. Also, he has never been credited fairly enough for the characters he has created, a list that includes, The Hulk, X-Men, Captain America, and Thor.

Do you think Marvel treated Jack Kirby with respect and compensated him fairly for his incredible work? Share your views in the comments section below.

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