James McAvoy reunites with ex wife Anne Marie Duff for fantasy series His Dark Materials

James McAvoy and ex-wife Anne-Marie Duff have come together for a fantasy series His Dark Materials Directed by Philip Pullman. The couple showed absolute professionalism and a friendly attitude towards each other despite their bitter past.
James McAvoy is portraying the character of Lord Asriel in His Dark MaterialsJames McAvoy is portraying the character of Lord Asriel in His Dark Materials
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James McAvoy and Anne-Marie have come together for a fantasy series that is based on a trilogy written by Philip Pullman. The first episode of BBC’s adaptation of His Dark Materials is out and people are quite impressed with this one. Involvement of James McAvoy and his ex-wife Anne-Marie has also created a buzz around this fantasy series. With both McAvoy and Anne in crucial roles, the fans are hopeful of seeing them in the series for a long time.


The plot of the series is fascinating as it brings a world in front of us where the animals are blessed with a magnificent ability as they carry the souls of their beloved human counterparts. James McAvoy is portraying the character of Lord Asriel, who is the uncle of series’ young protagonist named Lyra played by Dafne Keen. Talking about Anne’s character, she plays the character of Ma Costa, who is a boat-dweller.




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Both McAvoy and Anne are going to play an important role in Lyra’s journey to the Arctic to find her lost friend. The fantasy series has brought together the couple that separated back in May 2016. The split was a major heartbreak for both these celebrities and their respective fans, too.

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But, seeing them together, working it out professionally has impressed everyone. His Dark Materials has a complex script and hence, it took the makers more than five years to bring this adaptation in front of the audience. The show airs on BBC One every Sunday at 8 PM.

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