Jamie Lynn Spears RESPONDS to claims that sister Britney Spears paid for her vacation condo in Florida

Updated on Jul 27, 2021 11:24 PM IST  |  337.2K
Jamie posted photos from a holiday with her husband and two kids in her recent Instagram post
Jamie Lynn Spears denies that anyone bought her a holiday home in a lengthy Instagram caption

Jamie Lynn Spears took to Instagram to clear rumours about her vacationing at a condo that was bought by her sister Britney Spears for her. Jamie denied claims that Britney had paid for her Florida condo while sharing family photos in an Instagram post on Monday. The 30-year-old actress shared pictures from a vacation she had with her husband and two children, which seemed to be sponsored by The Ritz Carlton. She captioned the picture as, "I don’t own a condo, and I can assure you that no one has ever bought me a place at the beach, because I prefer my beach vacations at the Ritz anyway. Simple FACTS. Y’all need to stop reachin."

Jamie Lynn's response about the condo comes after it was reported that Spears had reportedly purchased a vacation house in Destin, Florida which was visited by Jamie Lynn and her family, for more than USD 1 million.  While, Jamie denied owning a condo in her Instagram post, in a previous interview she had spoken about it as per Entertainment Tonight.

This isn't the first time Jamie Lynn has taken to social media to clarify her relationship with Britney. She previously shared a headline from an article that mentioned her as the only relative of the pop icon "who isn't on her payroll." Sharing the same, Jamie wrote, "Facts…now leave my broke-a** alone."

Meanwhile, Britney's conservatorship case seems to have made major progress as it has now been confirmed that her attorney has submitted court documents on Monday asking her father James to be removed as her conservator. The plea also asks for Jason Rubin, a CPA, to replace Spears' father.

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