Jared Padalecki Reveals His Battle With Mental Health Issues; Shares He Had 'Dramatic Suicidal Ideation'

In a special sneak peek into PEOPLE magazine's latest podcast, "I've Never Said This Before" hosted by Tommy DiDario, Padalecki takes the spotlight as a guest and is eager to open up about everything.

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  04:34 PM IST |  121.9K
Jared Padalecki with his wife (PC: Instagram)

Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions of suicide. 

Supernaturals star Jared Padalecki, who has previously shared his battle with depression, gave new insights into what the struggle was like for him after suicide contemplation, which led him to check into a clinic for preventive help. In an exclusive look into the new Tommy DiDario’s I’ve Never Said This Before podcast by PEOPLE magazine, Padalecki has been featured as a guest, and he is ready to talk it all out. 

Jared Padalecki recalls mental health struggles

It happened in 2015 when the actor was stuck in a low moment. “I was letting my thoughts take over and going to places of dramatic suicidal ideation,” said Padalecki as per PEOPLE, “I called my wife and she said, ‘Get home.’” He took the advice, rushed home as soon and then checked into a clinic. Things have gotten better since then, and he affirms that the suicidal feelings have not returned, not even for a moment. 

Padalecki, who was joined by his wife Genevieve, explained on the podcast the demerits of being a big-screen star. In the entertainment industry, when the red carpets are rolled out and interviewers are rushing to get a byte from their favorite actors, the only accepted answer to  “Jared, how are you doing today?” is  “Oh it’s great! Excited to be here!” says the star in the confessional. All this prompted him to take a “full reset,” after years under the spotlight. 


Despite the stigma that continues in society, the Gilmore Girls alum is not ashamed to admit his dealing with mental health. “It’s not like I’m shameful like, ‘Hey, I see a therapist, I’ve been to a clinic.’ I wear it proudly. I put it on my face and tell everybody,” he said on the podcast

How are things faring? 

Things have become much better, but that is not to say that he does not experience any bouts of lows now in his life. Sharing his mind has been of great help for him. “And my tears aren't for myself. I know I’ll be fine because I’m talking to you about it, I talk to Gen about it, I talk to my friends about it,” he further added, encouraging others to seek help when needed. 

He first opened up about his struggles back in 2015 while speaking to Variety magazine, detailing a break-down whilst shooting for the third season of Supernaturals in 2008. A doctor was called on set, who diagnosed him with clinical depression. 


CW’s Walker, where Padalecki played the lead role of Cordell Walker, was called off after 4 seasons. The actor mentioned the cancellation on the podcast, expressing that he had been sad since the news. “I’m fine, nothing to worry about but I have a lot of sadness about Walker [which was canceled], the family,” he revealed.

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