Jason Momoa backs Ray Fisher again amid Justice League Investigation; Claims cast was treated in a s****y way

In a recent Instagram post, Jason Momoa reiterated Ray Fisher's claims against mistreatment towards the cast on the sets of Justice League claiming that proper investigation needs to be done with people being held accountable.
Jason Momoa backs Ray Fisher again amid Justice League Investigation; Claims cast was treated in a s****y way
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Back in July 2020, Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in DCEU (DC Extended Universe) had accused Justice League director Joss Whedon of "gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable" behaviour along with naming some big wigs at Warner Bros. as well. This led to an investigation by WarnerMedia on Fisher's claims while very recently, a statement was released by them claiming that Ray was not cooperating and refused to speak to the investigator. However, the 33-year-old actor lashed out at the accusations saying he did speak to an investigator via Zoom but had to end the call early as he wanted to consult with his team before proceeding.

Jason Momoa, who plays Aquaman in DCEU, backed his co-star one more time as he took to Instagram and fired back at Warner Bros. demanding proper investigation with people being held accountable. "THIS S**T HAS TO STOP AND NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT @ray8fisher AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO EXPERIENCED WHAT HAPPEN UNDER THE WATCH OF @wbpictures NEEDS PROPER INVESTIGATION." Momoa also addressed the false announcement regarding talks about the 41-year-old actor voicing Frosty the Snowman in an upcoming film, which was announced an hour after Fisher's claims in July.

"I just think it’s f****d up that people released a fake Frosty announcement without my permission to try to distract from Ray Fisher speaking up about the s****y way we were treated on Justice League reshoots. Serious stuff went down. It needs to be investigated and people need to be held accountable. #IStandWithRayFisher. Aloha J."

In response to Jason backing his allegations, Ray tweeted, "If you still think Jason playing Frosty was EVER a real thing—please wake up! Hopefully, now people see the depths that some are willing to go to hide the truth. To think they believed my brother would sellout the cast/crew of JL for a corncob pipe and a button nose... A>E"

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