Jason Momoa reveals two ‘personal’ items he can’t live without & they have a special connection to his kids

Published on Aug 19, 2021 12:49 AM IST  |  52.6K
Jason Momoa has two things from his kids that he ‘can’t live without.’

Aquaman star Jason Momoa can’t live without his most prioritized ‘personal’ things, and two of them in the list specify how doting he is as a father. Excitedly stating that they are from his children, Momoa went ahead to share two super cute stuffed animals named Piggy Big Spirit and Potato from his daughter Lola and son Wolf, respectively.

In an interview with GQ, via Just Jared, Momoa opened up on the top ten things that are mandatory for him anywhere he goes, especially during long hours of shooting. When he was done sharing most of the things from his list, he went ahead and shared the two ‘most important’ ones, which are two adorable stuffed animals from his children - Lola, 14, and Wolf, 12. Piggy Big Spirit, which reminds him of Lola, and Potato, which is for his son, were listed as two of the items that he can’t miss out on. In the video as well, Momoa was witnessed coddling the two stuffed animals, and it showed how affectionate he is as their father.

Speaking of the two stuffed toys, Momoa said that people with babies tend to have a lot of stuffed animals, and so does he. “If you have babies, you know you got stuffed animals, and if you’re not with your babies and you’re gonna be cuddling stuffed animals,” mentioned the Game of Thrones alum.

Adorably calling his 12-year old son ‘Wolfie’, Momoa took to discussing the stuffed animal that is his son’s favourite. “Wolfie just got this amazing character and he called it Potato and I thought it was the most genius name for a stuffed animal,” said the doting father. However, this isn’t the first time that Momoa has publicly opened up about his kids. Earlier, he revealed which two shows he does not allow his kids to watch, and they include Baywatch and Game of Thrones.

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