Jennifer Aniston declares there's 'no oddness at all' between her and ex Brad Pitt

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Jennifer Aniston declares there's 'no oddness at all' between her and ex Brad Pitt.

Jennifer Aniston is getting candid about the relationship she shares with ex-husband Brad Pitt today. The Friends star recently appeared on SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show where she looked back upon the live table reading of Fast Times at Ridgemont High which took place virtually last September. For the virtual reading of the1982 teen movie, Jen and Brad played romantic interests.  The actress played Linda (originally played by Phoebe Cates) and Brad Pitt played for Brad (originally played by Judge Reinhold).

As the video of the reading surfaced on social media, Jen and Brad's fans could barely keep calm and their chemistry simply won hearts. When asked about her experience, Aniston revealed, "It was absolutely fun. Brad and I are buddies, we're friends." The reading was for a noble cause, as Jen revealed that even though she and Brad are not together anymore there is no awkwardness.  

She added, "And we speak, and there's no oddness at all, except for everyone that probably watched it and was wanting there to be, or assumed there to be. We had fun, and it was for a great cause, (Sean Penn's community relief nonprofit) CORE."

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt have over a two-decade old history as the actors were married from 2000 to 2005. They parted ways and the actor soon went on to date Angelina Jolie as well as become a father.  

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Anonymous : Jen so classy.
REPLY 0 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Jolie destroyed this marriage
REPLY 1 1 month ago
Anonymous : She have no self-respect, he literally cheated on her for Angie.
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : You literally are lying. He did not cheat on her and she spent years badmouthing him using a tabloid myth
REPLY 2 4 weeks ago
Anonymous : It is respectful for her to respect Pitt during this trying time. She spent years demonizing him, more than any other ex over a false allegation
REPLY 3 4 weeks ago
Anonymous : She had no self-respect to cheat on Brad with married Matt and spent years playing victim
REPLY 2 4 weeks ago