Jennifer Aniston fans DISGUSTED over creepy 1998 interview when David Letterman sucks on Friends star's hair

With Framing Britney Spears reigniting the conversation about the media's ill-treatment towards the singer and other women at a young age, Jennifer Aniston's 1998 interview with David Letterman has garnered attention for all the wrong reasons.
Jennifer Aniston fans DISGUSTED over creepy 1998 interview when David Letterman sucks on Friends star's hair
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Framing Britney Spears, a hard-hitting documentary that sheds harsh light upon Britney Spears' controversial conservatorship since 2008, also spoke prominently about how media's ill-treatment towards her at a young age was equally, if not more, at fault. Post the documentary's release, other women who faced such harsh treatment were also reexamined on social media with Lindsay Lohan's 2013 interview with David Letterman getting considerable spotlight as the veteran talk show host made fun of her then-upcoming rehab stint.

Similarly, Jennifer Aniston fans were recently left disgusted as they unearthed a past 1998 interview with Letterman on his famous talk show, Late Show with David Letterman. The said interview saw the Friends star promote her movie The Object of My Affection and during their chat, things got incessantly weird. While talking about odd fan encounters, Aniston revealed how two women bombarded her at her gym's steam room which prompted David to suggestively ask, "Are you naked?" While taking it sportingly at first, Letterman's constant quips left Jennifer to grow more uncomfortable as the seconds went by.

However, the awkwardness turned dialled a 100 when David invaded Jennifer's personal space without prior consent and attempted to kiss her neck which had the 52-year-old actress screaming in utter shock. To make matters worse, Letterman takes a few strands of Aniston's hair and proceeds to suck on it. While the audience is left puzzled, no one is more stumped than Jennifer herself who tries to salvage the situation by wiping the talk show host's spit off her hair and putting it in her pocket, laughing it off.

Just when you think the nightmare of an interview is finally over, David mock yelled about how Jennifer scared him by screaming and ruined it for him while Aniston apologised instead. As Jennifer exclaimed how David sucked on her hair, which he vehemently denied, The Morning Show star then turned to Letterman's trusted sidekick Paul Shaffer for supporting her argument to which the musician simply stated, "I gotta stay out of this one." Jennifer didn't seem too surprised by Paul's diplomacy.

Check out the creepy moment between Jennifer Aniston and David Letterman during their 1998 interview HERE.

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

these white men Justin Timberlake, this guy, donald trump, the list goes on - no common sense, morons on earth

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

These black men are crybaby making millions

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

These creepy hosts get away with this kind of attitude because of their powerful status. Glad he retired early!