Jennifer Aniston quotes Friends' Rachel Green to voice her support for abortion rights: No Uterus, no opinion

Updated on Oct 04, 2021 08:31 PM IST  |  54.1K
Jennifer Aniston shares her Friends quote to support reproductive rights
Jennifer Aniston voices her support for abortion rights

As women across the US are currently are rallying to call out the new Texas law on abortion, Jennifer Aniston also shared support for reproductive rights via social media. The Friends star posted an important quote from the show on Instagram,  says to voice her support for abortion rights as she wrote, "I repeat.. no uterus, no opinion."  

Aniston took to Instagram to share the most relatable Friends quote for the current situation as she called for reproductive rights and abortion justice through her post. Jennifer shared a GIF from Friends where her character Rachel Green tells Ross (David Schwimmer) "No uterus, no opinion" during an episode. 

The famous quote makes a strong point about women's rights over their bodies and the actress couldn't have shared anything more powerful to call out the recent Texas law. The actress further also dropped a series of posts that showed women who have been marching for reproductive rights across several US states and their powerful posters. 

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In another story, Jennifer wrote, "Keep fighting" while sharing a photo of a woman holding a poster that read, "Texas won't make a 12-year-old wear a mask to school but they will force her to have a baby." 

Jennifer Aniston is among several other Hollywood celebs who have called out the Texas abortion law. Recently, a pregnant Jennifer Lawrence also joined the Women's March to show her support for abortion justice along with comedian-actress, Amy Schumer. Previously, Kill Bill star Uma Thurman also condemned the law in a moving op-ed where she revealed her own abortion story as a scared teenager. 

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