Jennifer Aniston RECALLS how she almost lost out on playing her iconic Friends character Rachel Green

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Jennifer Aniston had spoken about almost losing out on Friends during Friends: The Reunion as well.

During Friends: The Reunion, when Friends co-creators Marta Kauffman, David Crane and Kevin S. Bright spoke candidly about Jennifer Aniston's casting process, the 52-year-old actress had revealed that the producer of Muddling Through, another sitcom that Jennifer was simultaneously working in when Friends came along, had told her that her iconic sitcom wouldn't make her a star. During a recent appearance on SiriusXM's Gayle King in the House, Jennifer was asked for the backstory behind the same.

Explaining how she was already a part of Muddling Through while being "booked on Friends in second position to this show," Aniston recalled her conversation with director Jim Burrows, who enquired about her situation. While Jen felt that Marta and David had cast her on Friends because Muddling Through wouldn't get picked up, Jim had told her, "Oh, trust me! They'll pick it up just to spite this show." Burrows was right as Muddling Through got picked up for three episodes. Because of this, Friends' team started looking for a Rachel backup.

Jennifer even remembered getting calls from her friends who relayed to her that they were auditioning for Rachel and if she could help them out which shocked The Morning Show star. "I had a couple of girlfriends. Yeah, so they were fine trying to find backups if this other show went beyond those three episodes. And I just went to the producer and I said, 'Please, please let me out of this show. I really love this other show that I'm doing.' And because someone said, 'What could it hurt? Just go in there and ask to be let off,'" Aniston recounted before concluding, "And that's when he said, 'I've seen that show, Friends, I saw that show. I saw the pilot. That's not going to make you a star. This show will make you a star.' And then, the rest is history. But he was a lovely person and it was a lovely show and I enjoyed it. I just was madly in love with [Friends]."

Could we be more glad over how things panned out for Jennifer Aniston on Friends?! Rachel Green was F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S!

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