Jennifer Aniston's latest post on Friends proves there's almost no difference between her and Rachel Green

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Jennifer Aniston's lates post showed her and Rachel Green's signature outfit

We bet you are still not over Friends: The Reunion hangover and looks like neither is the cast of the show. After Jennifer Aniston recently shared a few BTS pictures from the reunion special that included Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber, the actress' recent post was also related to the show and particularly her character's fashion in it. Aniston shared an image of Rachel Green's most repeated outfit on the show, the sleeveless top with a high neckline and showed how her own fashion is not too far from it.

In response to a New Yorker cartoon that showed a  woman looking at a sleeveless top with a high neckline and exclaiming, "What time of year are you for!", Aniston showed how it was one of Rachel's most signature outfits on Friends and also included an image of herself from the reunion special where she was seen wearing it not as the character but as herself. 

Aniston's post does show the similarities she shares with Rachel Green. Defending how the outfit was suitable for almost every year, Aniston added a shrugging emoji with the picture. 

Check out Jennifer Aniston's post here:

In the picture shared by Jennifer, four screenshots from four different Friends scenes including the reunion special showed her wearing a different version of that exact style of top. 

Over the 10 seasons of the show, Rachel Green's fashion had become a major highlight. During a recent interview, Aniston shared how despite Rachel's popular fashion, the one item from the show's wardrobe that is still part of her own regular rotation belonged to Courteney Cox's character, Monica Geller. 

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