Jennifer Garner accidentally texts selfie to a complete stranger; Jokes that 'it’s humbling'

Updated on Oct 03, 2021 12:52 PM IST  |  95.5K
Jennifer Garner just proved she isn't afraid to make herself the butt of a joke
Jennifer Garner also penned a longer homage to creator J.J. Abrams on Instagram, praising him for pushing the actors "through and past the norm."


Jennifer Garner was attempting to reconnect with an old acquaintance when she accidentally sent a selfie to the wrong person. Garner, 49, mocked herself on Instagram on Friday by posting a snapshot of a text conversation she had with someone she thought was her old Alias co-star Carl Lumbly. "Carl -- this is Jen G. Here comes proof," she texted.


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However, when the person on the other end of the line said, "Wrong number," Garner had already sent a smiling picture. "Hahaha well this is me!" the actress replied after realizing the mistake. "You know the one time you take a selfie to prove to someone you're you? And get a 'wrong number' message just as it's gone out into the world?'" Garner wrote in the caption. "Well, it's humbling, isn't it," she captioned the picture. The actress added the hashtags: "#IfYouAreWorkingWithCarlLumbly #PleaseTellHimImLookingForHim #BristowAndDixon."

Meanwhile, as per PEOPLE, in Alias, Garner portrayed Sydney Bristow opposite Marcus Dixon, who was played by Lumbly. The group came together earlier this week to commemorate the show's 20th anniversary. From 2001 through 2006, ABC broadcasted the famous series for five seasons. In celebration of the reunion, Garner debuted on TikTok, sharing pictures of her co-stars from the show as well as video of them meeting in person. The sweet video features Michael Vartan, Merrin Dungey, Kevin Weisman, Gina Torres, Mia Maestro, and Victor Garber.

However, Garner also penned a longer homage to creator J.J. Abrams on Instagram, praising him for pushing the actors "through and past the norm." "Since the end of the show, April of 2005, running into a cast or crew member from Alias has always led to this question — When will you get everyone back together for a reunion? The 20th anniversary seemed like as good an excuse as any, so the call went out — reunion party is happening, pass it on!" the mom of three posted. Garner added, "We missed everyone who was working and couldn't make it in. We missed you, Jabrams, (because I screwed up and made this happen on a night you were busy). But man, it felt so good to be together again. Meanwhile, the actress told The Hollywood Reporter in March that she'd be open to a revival of the series.

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