Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck RECREATING Jenny from the Block music video? Here's why fans think so

Updated on Jul 27, 2021 05:44 PM IST  |  162.4K
Fans confused over Ben Affeck and Jennifer Lopez's deja vu moments

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's fans seem to be convinced that the duo is recreating the Jenny from the Block music video thanks to all the callbacks they seem to be getting when it comes to spotting moments from the original music video. It all started with fans realising how JLo and Ben's recent vacation at St Tropez consisted of them chilling on a yacht that looked exactly like the one from the song video.

Many eagle-eyed fans have also observed how their previous paparazzi sightings appear to be scenes out of the Jenny from the Block video. Although it seems it was one of their vacation moments that truly got fans wracking their brains and thinking if JLo and Ben are messing with us with all the deja-vu moments that they are serving us.

In one of the viral photos from their recent vacay, Ben was clicked placing his hand on Lopez's derrière, the same way that can be seen in the Jenny from the Block video. This seemed to be a sign for many to believe that a remake of the video is indeed happening. With Lopez's popular song coming to the 20th-anniversary milestone, many fans believe that Bennifer 2.0 may just have a surprise for their fans.

Check out Jenny From the Block original song video featuring Ben and JLo here:

Much like their early 2000s romance, Ben and JLo have been making the headlines every time they step out. The duo seemed to confirm their romance recently after Lopez shared a snap of them kissing in her Instagram post which she shared as a celebratory one on her birthday.

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