Jeopardy: Ken Jennings RETURNS to host game show, reveals being ‘terrified’ replacing Alex Trebek

Updated on Nov 10, 2021 08:43 PM IST  |  124.5K
Ken Jennings recalls replacing Alex Trebek
Ken Jennings also recently discussed getting a unique present from Trebek's wife


On the one-year anniversary of Alex Trebek's death, who better to host "Jeopardy!" than famous longterm champion Ken Jennings himself? On Monday, the year anniversary of Alex Trebek's passing, the former champion-turned-guest-host returned to "Jeopardy!" for a three-week stint, his first as host since February. But he had no idea his show would broadcast on Trebek's death anniversary day.

"Apparently, everyone was aware that we were going to air (my first episode) on the anniversary and nobody told me," Jennings says. "They didn't want to put that in my head. So I was not told until after that it was the Nov. 8 show." However, during an interview with USA Today, he discussed his touching relationship with Trebek, being "just terrified" of hosting, and the state of the programme itself after a summer of controversies, including the dismissal of ex-producer and former host Mike Richards.

Interestingly, as per PEOPLE, Jennings also recently discussed getting a unique present from Trebek's wife Jean before his first guest hosting stint in January. "The first day I came in to guest host was just a few weeks after Alex passed and it was a really rough time," he says. "I got to the studio and one of the producers handed me a little box, and Alex's wife Jean had given me a pair of his cufflinks that he had worn on the show." He continues, "What a lovely gesture that was from Jean — at a time that was very hard for her family, dealing with a lot of grief and a lot of challenges."

Meanwhile, Jennings and Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik are now sharing the Jeopardy! hosting duties through the end of 2021, while the programme searches for a new host.

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