Jessica Alba opens up on her work & home life on Drew Barrymore's talk show: Can’t be around my family anymore

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Jessica Alba opens up on her work & home life on Drew Barrymore's talk show: Can’t be around my family anymore.

Drew Barrymore began hosting Zee Café's The Drew Barrymore Show in just September this year and the show is already loved by millions of fans from around the world. The actress, who hosts the show herself, has guests from various fields and it has generated a buzz over the last few weeks. From Tik Tok stars to actors and lifestyle pieces, Drew tries to bring something fresh each time. 

Now, for her latest weekly episode, the actress and host will be reuniting with her 'Never Been Kissed' co-star and the actresses will be dishing out some fun stories for the audience. Speaking about their time from the 90s film, Jessica was full of gratitude for Drew as she said, "You propped up so many actors at that time and you took so many people under your wings. You guided them and you set the stage for us who were just starting out."  

Jessica Alba, who has starred in films like Sin City and Fantastic Four, also opened up on juggling her work and home life. For the unversed, the actress is also an entrepreneur now as she runs a consumer goods company that sells baby, personal and household products. With so much going on, Alba revealed how she manages to strike a balance. 

She jokingly said, "I told everyone in the family that I need a break from them. At times I feel that, I just can’t be around my family anymore because it all comes down to me and I have had enough." 



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Drew also called out Jessica’s entrepreneurial spirit at being a different person while at the same time opening multiple avenues for moms. "I felt it was a social justice issue when I noticed the rise in illnesses because of hazardous substances that were included in a variety of home products. So, I wanted to solve this pertinent issue and give back to families who are born in unfortunate circumstances, " Jessica Alba said. 

Apart from the Sin City actress, Drew also hosted Chloe Fineman, an actress, writer and comedian who often features on Saturday Night Live. Drew discussed with Chloe her experiences as an artist but also opened up on her relationship with her father.

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