Jessie Mei Li REVEALS that she would love to play queer in Shadow and Bone

Jessie Mei Li opened up in an interview about Alina's sexuality on Shadow and Bone.
Jessie Mei Li accepts the eventuality of her Shadow and Bone character Alina being queer. Jessie Mei Li revealed that she would love to play Queer in Shadow and Bone
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In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Shadow and Bone actress Jessie Mei Li opened up about Alina's sexuality on the show. For the unversed, Shadow and Bone is based on Leigh Bardugo's book of the same name. Li talks about the diversity in the fantasy series and she also mentions how various diverse voices are amplified.

Li tells Digital Spy that she loves the way the subject of race is depicted on the show. While she was auditioning for the role, she was slightly concerned about the diversity in race. Li later understood that the show required Alina's story to be a reflection of her and Korean American writer Christina Strain's experiences.

Jessie went on, adding that even in “terms of LGBTQ+ stuff – I’m a queer person, and I think having…You see queer relationships happen on the screen, but it’s not a big deal. They’re just characters who clearly are in relationships or whatever. No one talks about it like it’s weird or anything, or even that it’s a big deal. It’s just that, in this world, that’s totally fine.”

Jessie says that the subject of diversity in race and sexuality excites her and she hopes that the people would watch Shadow and Bone if they're of mixed races or first generation immigrants or if they are queer. She also hopes that viewers watch the show and find someone they can relate to.

Speaking about the fate of Alina, whether or not she could be a queer in the future of the show, Li was in support of it. She says that though Alina is still with Mal, there is a bit of uncertainty in the status of their relationship which she is very fond of. Li accepts the eventuality of Alina being queer and says that she has love and is very fond of many people on the show.

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