Jimin thinks BTS could win the award at Grammys 2021 for Dynamite; Says 'my instincts are not wrong'

In a recent segment, BTS member Jimin shared how he has an instinct in his gut that the septet will take home a Grammy next year for their Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single Dynamite.
Jimin thinks BTS could win the award at Grammys 2021 for Dynamite; Says 'my instincts are not wrong'
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2020 has indeed been a year of greatness for BTS! Besides their two No. 1's on Billboard 200 with their albums Map of the Soul: 7 and BE and their three No. 1's on Billboard Hot 100 with Dynamite, Savage Love Remix and Life Goes On, BTS also made history with their first-ever Grammy nomination for Dynamite in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category.

During a recent segment with Vanity Fair, BTS shed light on the various milestones from their music career so far including their Grammys 2021 nomination. Talking about seeing their names on the list when the nominations were being announced for the first time, Jungkook gushed how the words 'Dynamite' and 'BTS' really stood out for them while RM noted how the septet was placed "right in the middle." Jimin quipped, "In the nominations list, we're in the middle. That's why I think... We could actually win," while laughing out loud. When a shocked J-Hope asked Jimin if he thinks they can win, ChimChim responded positively. Sharing Baby Mochi's stance, Namjoon stated, "What? We can dream can't we?"

"We came this far, there's no way we can't be ambitious," Hobi stated while Jimin added, "What's different about this is that, it validates our worthiness as artists. Worldwide when people look at us, they may not know what country we're from and even within that country, they may not know what little rural town us bumpkins came from. And yet, there we are on the highest stage, in the running to win an award."

ChimChim also noted that a Grammy win gives them validation as artists while being proof of what BTS ARMY's energy and passion can do when they support BTS. While Baby Mochi hoped that ARMY is happy, he also cutely whined with a laugh, "It's just me but I feel like we can win," to which V stated that if he keeps saying it, he's gonna be really disappointed later. Jin joked how it's usually Suga's role to talk about the Grammys. "Let's just think about being sad after. But my instincts are not wrong," Jimin said laughing again. "If you watch Run BTS, you know that Jimin's instincts are rarely ever right." Jin quipped back to which Jimin concluded, "That's not instincts but luck. In this case, it's not about luck."

We're rooting for BTS' win at Grammys 2021! As they say, what Jimin and Suga want, they get!

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Anonymous 2 weeks ago

They better or we shall cancel the grammys so hard. Fightinggg

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

who is he you have to say yes THEY will get it

Anonymous 1 month ago

go bts

Anonymous 2 months ago

I hope they win

Anonymous 3 months ago

it's true

Anonymous 3 months ago

yup they will get it!!

Anonymous 3 months ago

Yes he will get it