Joanne Froggatt claims Mick Jagger is a big fan of Downton Abbey: I’d love that to be true

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big fan of Downton Abbey
The Golden Globe winner also spoke about 'embarrassing' herself when the Duchess of Cambridge visited


Sir Mick Jagger is a fan of Downton Abbey, according to Joanne Froggatt. The 41-year-old actress, who played Anna Bates in the renowned drama, expressed her amazement that the iconic musician, known for his rock and roll lifestyle is also a fan of period dramas.

She told The Observer magazine as per Daily Mail: "Mick Jagger is a big Downton fan. I heard he cut short a Rolling Stones rehearsal so they could go and watch it. I'd love that to be true. The Golden Globe winner also spoke about 'embarrassing' herself when the Duchess of Cambridge visited the set of the show in 2015. However, Joanne stated that the Duchess seemed amused by her unintentional gaffe. She recalled as per Daily Mail: "I embarrassed myself in front of the Duchess of Cambridge. She visited the Downton set and walked in while me and Michelle Dockery were filming a scene in Lady Mary's bedroom."

She added: "It feels very strange to be in your bedroom." I replied, "Yeah, not many people get to come in Lady Mary's bedroom. I didn't mean it as a double entendre, but I swear I saw the faintest flicker of a smile." Joanne had been working for years before her 'game changer' part in Downton Abbey arrived, and although it greatly helped her career, she's delighted the main series finished when it did since she's still able to 'pop back' for spin-off movies.

The former Coronation Street actress remarked that her worldwide break came at the opportune moment since she was 'uncomfortable' with stardom when she initially began her career but was more 'prepared' when 'Downton Abbey' became a great hit. It comes after Joanne spoke out against the misogyny she has received since turning 40 in public earlier this month.

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