Joaquin Phoenix put in a spot when shown a BTS clip of himself getting angry at Joker cinematographer; WATCH

Joaquin Phoenix was left embarrassed when he was shown a BTS clip from the sets of Joker of himself arguing with cinematographer Lawrence Sher for comparing him to Sher. Watch the video below to know what the Oscar-nominated actor had to say in his defense.
Joker released in India today, i.e. October 2, 2019.Joker released in India today, i.e. October 2, 2019.
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Joaquin Phoenix is an unpredictable actor both onscreen and offscreen. Fans of the Oscar-nominated actor will agree that his awkward outlook at life, especially during interviews is weirdly entertaining. However, during a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel put Joaquin in a spot when he showed the actor an uncomfortable BTS clip of himself from the sets of Joker. In the video, a shirtless Phoenix with his Joker makeup on is seen trying to write down some notes while arguing with a man named Larry, who compared him to Cher.

When asked to comment about the vague video, which was interestingly sent by Joker director Todd Phillips, the 44-year-old actor revealed that the Larry in the video referred to Joker's cinematographer, Lawrence Sher. The video sees Joaquin getting frustrated by Larry saying, "It's not even an insult really. Cher, really? She's a singer, actor, dancer and fashion icon; how is that an insult? I can't do this man," and storms out towards the end of the clip. A flabbergasted Phoenix explains to Jimmy, "This is so embarrassing! Sometimes movies get intense because you have a lot of people in a small space and you’re trying to find something so it can feel intense. That was supposed to be private. I'm a little embarrassed. I'm sorry about that. I’m sorry you guys [the audience] had to see that."

Kimmel joked that he blamed Larry and Cher for the whole incident, which the Walk The Line star disagreed with. Furthermore, while talking about how he will have to think about this situation a bit more while quipping that his publicist will issue a formal statement the next day, Joaquin asked if they could move on. Instead, probing Phoenix further, Jimmy suggested the actor call Larry to which Joaquin confessed, "I should probably publicly apologize to Larry. Larry... the thing is though, I am sorry, but he did whisper constantly while we’re trying to work and sometimes it’s really hard to find the emotion you’re after. So, it was wrong of me, I'm sorry but he shouldn’t have done it. I don't know, I'll be honest you know."

Watch the interview below:

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Leave it to Joaquin Phoenix to make light of even a cringefest situation!

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