Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker script introduction reveals if Arthur Fleck origin story is connected to DCEU

Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips has a lot of curiousity attached to it regarding its place in the DC Universe. Read below to know if Joker is actually a part of the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) or not.
Joaquin Phoenix and Joker have received nominations at the upcoming Golden Globes 2020. Joaquin Phoenix and Joker have received nominations at the upcoming Golden Globes 2020.
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One of the tantalising films to hit 2019 and make an undeniable mark at how we see "superhero" and "super-villain" movies is Joker, directed by Todd Phillips. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, the Oscar-nominated actor had tough shoes to fill as Heath Ledger had immortalised Batman's worst foil. Now, Joaquin is the frontrunner for winning the Best Actor Oscar, with the star already garnering a Golden Globe nomination for Leading Actor in a Drama. Joker also dethroned Deadpool (2016) has the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time with $1.063 billion global box-office collection to its name.

There has been a lot of curiousity regarding the timeline of the film and whether Joker fits into the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) or no. According to Comicbook, finally confirming the answers to the questions is the introduction written by Todd and co-writer Scott Silver, in the Joker script. "This story takes place in its own universe. It has no connection to any of the DC films that have come before it. We see it as a classic Warner Bros. movie. Gritty, intimate and oddly funny, the characters live in the real world and the stakes are personal," the introduction says in its second page of the shooting script.

"Although it is never mentioned in the film, this story takes place in the past. Let's call it 1981. It's a troubled time. The crime rate in Gotham is at record highs. A garbage strike has crippled the city for the past six weeks. And the divide between the "haves" and the "have-nots" is palpable. Dreams are beyond reach, slipping into delusions," the script added.

Hence proved that Joker is not a part of the DCEU like we had hoped it would be!

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