Joe Alwyn Opens Up About His Relationship With Taylor Swift For The First Time Since Breakup: 'A Hard Thing To Navigate'

Joe Alwyn spoke about splitting from Taylor Swift after six years of togetherness. The actor opened up about the breakup in a recent interview.

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Joe Alwyn spoke about splitting with Taylor Swift after 6 years together
Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift (via Instgram)

Joe Alwyn is ready to address his breakup with Taylor Swift. The star English actor opened up about his relationship with Swift and how it ended.

Joe revealed how it was “hard” for him to navigate things after the end of a 6-year-long relationship. In recent times, there have been rumors that the songs on Taylor’s recent album, The Tortured Poet’s Department, are about Joe. Here’s what Joe Alywn said about the rumors.

Joe Alwyn talks about having difficulty navigating the breakup 

In an interview with People, Joe Alwyn recently opened up about his split from Taylor Swift. The star revealed how his relationship with the singer was "long, loving" and "fully committed." The star also disclosed whether he had listened to Taylor’s new album.

Alwyn was also asked if any of the songs on Swift’s recent album were inspired by him. “In thinking on what I was going to say, I would think and hope that anyone and everyone can empathize,” Joe explained. He acknowledged the fact that he did not give a direct answer to the question. The actor asked the interviewer to consider his answer.

The star spoke about how he hopes people can empathize with the “difficulties” that the ending of a “long, loving, fully committed” relationship brings. He also noted that the relationship lasted 6 and a half years. He added how the situation has been challenging for him to “navigate.” 


Joe Alwyn talks about his breakup with Taylor Swift

People had previously reported that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up because of "differences in their personalities.” Joe spoke about the “unusual and abnormal” situation. The star spoke about how the news came out a week after their break up and became “public domain.” He noted how the world started to weigh on the breakup. Joe recalled how the news made it to tabloids, social media, and the press.

The actor spoke about how the breakup was then “speculated” and “dissected” by the people. "And the truth is, to that last point, there is always going to be a gap between what is known and what is said,” Alwyn added. He also admitted that he has made his peace with the situation. 

Joe revealed how he and Taylor had “mutually” decided to keep a big part of their relationship away from the public eye. Taylor and Joe decided to break off their 6-and-a-half-year-long relationship in April 2023.

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