Joe Jonas OPENS UP on arguing with Sophie Turner amid the pandemic; REVEALS to have reconciled later

Published on Jul 27, 2021 01:22 AM IST  |  156K
Joe Jonas spoke about the time he and wife Sophie Turner were fighting over a silly reason.
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had fought and made up amid the pandemic.

Joe Jonas has recently shared some great details about his married life! In an interview with WSJ, via Just Jared, the singer, 31, was asked to recall a funny or a weird memory from staying at home while the pandemic was on. Revealing one such memory, the Jonas Brothers member mentioned a story with his wife Sophie Turner and him, which involved them arguing about something during the pandemic.


Narrating the story, Joe said that the pandemic had increased his interest in “Lego building,” due to which Sophie and Joe apparently built “10 monstrous legos.” He went on to add that he was super focused on helping his wife build the legos, but in between, revealed to have gotten “easily distracted”, which eventually resulted in him playing Fortnite.


Speaking of the part when the real argument began between the couple, Joe said that Sophie and he had gotten into a fight about the different ways the two of them had built their legos. Calming the situation down, the singer, like the brilliant husband that he is, had apparently told his wife that he is there to support her, no matter what! “At first we argued about it and then it was like, she loves her organization and it’s completely different from the way I would build it: ‘You do you; I’ll be here for support,’” Joe shared.


Later, as Joe recalled, he had also offered to make the cocktails while his wife was busy building Legos. “We built the Batmobile; we built Harry Potter World,” added the star.



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