Joe Jonas recalls the DEVASTATING moment of Jonas Brothers' breakup in their upcoming memoir Blood

Jonas Brothers' upcoming memoir, Blood will give a glimpse of Joe, Nick and Kevin taking a deep look at their personal and professional equation with each other.
Joe Jonas remembers when Nick Jonas suggested the band to breakup in memoir Joe Jonas recalls when Nick Jonas stated he wanted out from Jonas Brothers
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Ever since Jonas Brothers got back together, their fans have been over the moon about it. While it all seems like a dark past when the group disbanded back in 2013, the trio, Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas are all ready to address the problems and situation that led to their breakup. In their upcoming memoir titled Blood, all three brothers will get a chance to tell their side of the story as they discuss their journey together.

As reported by E!, one of the chapters on the book has Joe Jonas recalling the actual moment of their band's breakup. The singer discusses the devastating moment when his brother Nick approached him and Kevin and said that "his heart was "no longer in this."

Joe compares the feeling of hearing those words of Nick close to something like a Tsunami. In an excerpt from the book obtained by E!, the singer recalls how Nick's words affected him and how he felt his brother's words seemed like they were formal and something that one would say while divorcing a partner. Joe also discusses his other brother, Kevin's reaction to Nick's words while remembering the difficult time.

Joe also shared a small excerpt of the memoir on his Instagram as he wrote, "The tsunami inside of me built until it broke and crashed through everything in its path… But sometimes things need to break down so they can be built up again on a stronger foundation. As we grow through our lives, I know I’ll always have my brothers, as family, as friends, and as BLOOD."

It looks like Blood will give Jonas Brothers fans, a rare insight into their workings. A deep look at the trio's personal relations and how they perceive one another as they discuss their brotherhood and music in separate chapters in their own voices. The memoir is all set to release on November 9, 2021.

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