John Cena QUIPS Drew McIntyre's setting himself up for 'disappointment' over latter's dream match with F9 star

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John Cena confirmed, "I got more matches left in the WWE. I'm not done."

"There's no bigger match, as far as I'm concerned, than John Cena vs. McIntyre," Drew McIntyre had boldly stated last month in an interview with On Demand Entertainment. In a recent interview with John Cena, to promote F9, the 44-year-old wrestler was asked by ODE his thoughts on The Scottish Warrior's comments about the possibility of a dream match between the two wrestling powerhouses.

While John appreciates that his name is involved in a conversation in which it's said that "things are important" because, for him, it means that people "haven't forgotten what you've put forth as an effort." However, Cena couldn't help but quip, "But, man, what a way to set yourself up for disappointment," before elaborating, "In no way, shape or form is Drew in a position to make matches or make things happen and I'm not either. Neither of us have that power. That's beyond our capacity so I certainly am grateful for being mentioned, which is awesome."

Much to the relief of WWE fans, John added, "I got more matches left in the WWE. I'm not done." However, Cena's approach has never been about him asking to have a match with a person of his choice because he can't make such choices. Instead, WWE relays on to him what they'd like from him and for John will be like, "Alright, it's time to go to work," which has "really allowed" him "to enjoy every step of the way."

On a concluding note, Cena shared, "I think if we build up expectations in our head, like I hate to say this to Drew, but if that never happens, how is he supposed to feel about that?"

We're smelling a possible feud between the two already in the works! The ball's in your court now, Mr. McIntyre!

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