John Cena REVEALS Fast & Furious and BTS have one thing in common; Compares pressure of Fast 9 with WWE

John Cena spills the beans on his experience on joining the Fast & Furious family. The actor, who stars in Fast & Furious 9, draws a few things common between the franchise and BTS along with WWE.
John Cena reveals Fast & Furious and BTS have one thing in common and compares Fast 9 with WWE John Cena REVEALS Fast & Furious and BTS have one thing in common; Compares pressure of Fast 9 with WWE
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The Fast & Furious franchise opened its arms to welcome John Cena. The wrestler-turned-actor joined the Fast Family with Fast & Furious 9. Cena plays Vin Diesel's onscreen brother Jakob Toretto. While Cena intrigued fans with his appeared in the Fast & Furious 9 trailer, the actor now reveals that he was nervous when he had begun filming for the ninth movie in the long-running franchise. Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Cena compared the franchise's fandom with BTS ARMY and the sets with WWE locker room. 

"Fast 9, very similar to BTS, they have this global fanbase 'cause they've been making these movies for 20 years. So, it's been a legacy project," he said. The actor teased the action in the franchise and said, "The newest instalment, like everybody knows, Fast is going to kill it when it comes to action. The thing I love about Fast 9 is people are going see weave that legacy together and it's not merely what is Fast going to do next for action. It is action on the edge of your seat but story if you're a fan of the franchise, you'll get questions answered, you get new questions developed, it's another foothold to the narrative." 

Cena confessed that when he walked into the sets of the movie, he was nervous. He compared the experience on the sets with his initial days in WWE. "Walking into the sets of Fast was very similar to walking into the WWE locker room. You have men and women risking their lives for a living and curated this experience they are very proud of," he explained. "I felt just as much pressure as my month on the road on WWE," he added. 

Sharing what he loves about the Fast family, Cena said that as soon as they see you are a fan of the franchise and your intention is for the family, they take you in. He also revealed the toughest part of being in the franchise. Check it out below: 

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