Johnny Depp's libel case: WB faces pressure from Fantastic Beasts 3 crew; Actor in Pirates' reboot dicey

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Johnny Depp's libel case: WB faces pressure from Fantastic Beasts 3 crew; Actor in Pirates' reboot dicey

Johnny Depp lost the libel case against The Sun earlier this week. The Hollywood actor had sued the British tabloid after he was deemed as a "wife beater" to Amber Heard. During the course of the hearing, several horrifying incidents came to light from Depp and Heard's side. Following the verdict, it was reported that the actor's career could take a beating. Now, it is reported that the case's details and verdicts are influencing his position in Fantastic Beasts 3. 

According to The Sun's sources, Warner Bros have understood that it is too late to write off Depp's Gellert Grindelwald from the movie. It has been revealed that the actor has a far more crucial role in the Harry Potter spin-off co-starring Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law. The report states that the film has already shot for over 45 days. 

However, the verdict has caused chatter among the crew. Apparently, the crew is horrified with the verdict. It is also said that there are a few who believe that it will extremely difficult to market the movie. "It is completely at odds with the #MeToo message for Warner Bros to keep him," the insider said. However, the production house "will back him and filming continues."  

Meanwhile, sources have informed We Got This Covered that Disney is also on a backfoot about Depp's involvement in the Pirates Of The Caribbean reboot. Apparently, the Mouse House is "no longer interested in bringing back" the actor. It is also reported that the two sides were in talks for a small role or a cameo for the franchise veteran. However, even those talks are off the table. 

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Anonymous : Who wants to PoC with No Captain JackSparrow... JohnDepp? Disney can close that project.
REPLY 5 8 months ago
Anonymous : It's really wierd..People are with him and people have to watch the film..not the court! We are with him and we love seeing him! Then what's the matter..his role shouldn't be reduced or taken away.
REPLY 7 8 months ago
Anonymous : It's surprising that Johnny Depp is accused for all this shit but I truly don't believe that Depp can do so I still blame amber that it is her doings
REPLY 5 8 months ago
Anonymous : Not Johnny Depp please. I don't know if the wife beating was true or not. But if it was then I hope this brings back some sense into depp. If it wasn't.. I wish the worst life possible to his wife.
REPLY 1 8 months ago
Anonymous : Doesn't surprise me but he's probably not the only actor doing it fame gets to people's heads and money turns some people in a bad way
REPLY 2 8 months ago
Anonymous : Do you at all know about the case ? Depp already released a tape in which amber heard has confessed framing him as a wife beater though he lost the case on technical ground.
REPLY 3 8 months ago
Anonymous : If Amber Heard has actually made all this shit up, she's an incredibly shitty human being.
REPLY 11 8 months ago
Anonymous : And if doesn’t then? Seriously I’m saying this as a true Johnny Depp fan.
REPLY 0 8 months ago