JoJo Siwa Flaunts Her New Winged Teddy Bear Tattoo In Honor Of Her Recent Album

21-year-old singer JoJo Siwa got inked again! This time, it was a winged teddy bear on her arm, possibly connected to her latest album. She had previously gotten several tattoos as well.

Published on Jun 28, 2024  |  02:10 PM IST |  43.3K
JoJo Siwa-  ( Instagram/ JoJo Siwa)
JoJo Siwa- ( Instagram/ JoJo Siwa)

Jojo Siwa just got inked! The 21-year-old singer was photographed with a fresh tattoo on her arm featuring a winged teddy bear. Perhaps it is connected with her latest album.

The artist, named Ben, from Los Angeles, California, who did her tattoo, took to his Instagram and posted about it. “Her new album cover brought to life in ink. Thank you, JOJO for coming into Costello Studio. Can't wait to hear your new album!”

The series of pictures included Siwa standing solo while smiling towards the camera as her design was on full display and then one more with the artist by her side. This is not the first time the star has gotten inked, and she has some more tattoos. 




All about Jojo Siwa's tattoos 

In August 2023, Siwa shared that she got her very first tattoo, 1031, with her friends Raven-Symoné and her wife Miranda Maday. She posted about it on her Instagram stories, along with her spouse. For context, Siwa identifies as a part of the LGBTQ community and also as pansexual. 

Right after the ink, she went on Snapchat and explained the meaning. "The official meaning [of] 1031 is how many days my first concert tour lasted, but then '03 is the year that I was born," Siwa said. However, she refrained from sharing the meaning of the other numbers. "Three is a significant number, but I can't say why yet," she added. 


Furthermore, in February 2024, Siwa revealed that she already had several more markings, like her arm, which was dedicated to her future children. 


Jojo Siwa on having children

Jojo Siwa previously told PEOPLE that she was ready for her future children. She even shared that she already has their names picked out! She pointed to a tattoo on her arm and explained that it was for her baby girl, whose name would be Freddie.

She continued by saying that the other tattoos are for twin boys, Eddie and Teddie. She said that she wants three babies and has a sperm donor lined up. She even posted some cute snaps of her getting these names inked in Florida with a sweet caption.

It remains commendable as to how this young YouTube star and Nickelodeon mogul has made a mark for herself with about 3.6 billion views now on YouTube. 

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