Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose has THIS to say about Seth Rollins criticising his comments against WWE

Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose was asked about his close friend and Shield brother Seth Rollins' comments against him criticising WWE during Chris Jericho's podcast. Read below to know what Moxley had to say on the same.
Jon Moxley revealed the reason why he criticized WWE during Chris Jericho's podcast.Jon Moxley revealed the reason why he criticized WWE during Chris Jericho's podcast.
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Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose has been the talking point in the professional wrestling business especially since his departure from WWE. A few days after his contract expired, Jon made a surprise appearance at AEW's Double or Nothing PPV. His first interview post leaving WWE was with Chris Jericho, for his podcast, and Moxley was no filters attached. The wrestler criticised Vince McMahon and the creative team for not letting him have the freedom to tell his own stories. While Seth Rollins stated that he has nothing but love for his close friend and Shield member, the Universal Champion did question Dean's motives for criticising WWE.

While talking to The Store Horsemen, Ambrose was asked about Seth's comment. To this Jon referenced a Frasier episode about the dog, Eddie, who is depressed. Eventually, they find out that Eddie was sad because there was a toy stuck under the couch. Eddie was then not depressed anymore. Similarly, Dean too was deeply unhappy. The wrestler didn't realise it initially because he was making money and it seemed good, at the time. Now, however, he realises how it deeply affected him. The toy for Eddie was pro wrestling for Moxley. Furthermore, about doing Chris' podcast, Ambrose was frustrated with how people were talking for him about his career, his life and everything.



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"Cause I just stayed silent the whole time. So that was a frustrating time, to hear everybody else talking about you, when they don’t know what the f*** they’re talking about. So it was like my first words - I was a little jumpy. Like, it was like, pretty emotional, you know?," Jon added.

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However, Moxley stated that he will not replicate the podcast again.

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